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Instead of having her own personality, she attempts to find control through garmenting herself in alternative personalities. Female identities become something to be consumed, something that can be as easily trialled, worn, and discarded as an item of clothing.

Ohio state sluts

The patriarchal society promotes buying, selling, and ownership, yet one that denies these things to many. This creates an image of patriarchal society that both objectifies women and validates sexual violence against them. Of course, these DVDs do not actually belong to Nick, but they still convey an image of a society where patriarchal power is transmuted into a consumable and media-driven form.

Amy laments her lack of control and the de-individualisation that she is subjected within a society that demands adherence to such an image. She sees through the nature of socially-constructed ideas of identity, personality, and sexuality, identifying that such things have become like clothing, ultimately leaving her disconnected from her own self.

Amy subscribes to the notion that writing will permit her agency within the limited, patriarchally enforced world. She was literally their work product.

Ohio state sluts

The meticulous process of creating a false diary, with years of entries deed to incriminate her husband, and create an image of Amy that would be celebrated, exposes the depth at which Amy feels repressed by the capitalist, patriarchal society she feels herself to be a part of. The way she envisions the world is encapsulated in her discussion of the strip club that Nick visits:. It is a place that offers men the illusion of being in control, where women collude and support the patriarchy.

Ohio state sluts

What kind of woman would do such a thing? In her eyes, feminine selfness is promoted as an ideal manipulated by masculine-enforced essentialisms. It encourages the promotion of media-led images of the housewife, and the consumption that must accompany such a role, as well as the biological necessity of menstruation, and the capitalisation on its associated hygiene products. She states:. Her self in turn becomes metafictional and intertextual, the many different textual Amys all vying to be the dominant perception of her.

It is something that she intends will give herself a sense of identity and a more solid grasp on reality, but the immersion in textual ideas in her becoming yet more dislodged from reality. It made for a nice MacGuffin. She is consistently creating MacGuffins, material physicalisations of her need for validation, in the form of her diary, the treasure hunt, the Punch and Judy Dolls, and most of the clues and writing deed ohio state sluts incriminate Nick. In many ways, Amy herself is a MacGuffin. Her disappearance objectifies her body in a way that makes her corporeality the motivation for the plot of the first half of the novel.

While she intends that this act will give her purpose, and allow her to take control of her own life, it has the reverse effect as she ends up becoming trapped in her semi-fictionalised life. However, the subsequent search for a new self, after she erases herself in death, never in anything more than the textual self Amy has been striving to be rid of.

She is trapped in her many fictitious personas, restricted by her belief in the necessity of stories to be read. She has finally gained authority, or authorship, over her own narrative. Yet it is still not a true self, but one that is still being performed. She simply takes on another layer, which makes the true Amy difficult to discern. Causing great wonder or surprise; astounding. That sums up my story, I think. Flynn ohio state sluts She is no longer a person, no longer a noun.

Ohio state sluts

Instead she is an adjective, a quality. She no longer wants, and potentially is not capable of having, an identity — instead she is just a story to be read and consumed. Follow him on twitter: richardleahylit. London: Orion, New York and London: Routledge, Kaiser, Fashion and Cultural Studies. London: Berg, Doctoral Thesis: University of Illinois at Chicago, London: Virago, Mintler, Catherine R. Richard Leahy September 1, Yes, for book twenty, Amazing Amy is getting married! No one cares. No one wanted Amazing Amy to grow up, least of all me.

Leave her in kneesocks and hair ribbons and let me grow up, unencumbered by my literary alter ego, my paper-bound better half, the me I was supposed to be Flynn Diary Amy Flynn Follow him on twitter: richardleahylit [i] Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl. Kaiser, Susan B.

Ohio state sluts

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