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Measure content performance. Develop and improve products. List of Partners vendors. Other activities in BDSM may include controlled voyeurism, exhibitionism, and role-playing. This article explores BDSM and how its practice can be used to cultivate healthy romantic relationships. According to Kim Anamia holistic sex and relationship coach, BDSM "to an outsider, many of these ideas bds m seem extreme, but for centuries various cultures have used these techniques as deeper ways to explore consciousness, power, and control, as well as the dynamics of masculine and feminine energies in relationships.

For example, in addition to media sometimes portraying fetishists in a negative light, the mental health industry condemned aspects of BDSM for many years. Although there are many people who view BDSM as taboo, society has seen a notable shift in attitude toward bds m acceptance and understanding of BDSM. Further, recent studies devoted to understanding BDSM and its effects on the body have shown surprising.

Not only are researchers failing to find evidence of harm BDSM may cause, but they are also discovering ways in which it might positively impact our mental and physical health or even deepen our relationships. More people, including researchers, are acknowledging the benefits of BDSM.

For example, it helps to reduce stress and even build trust in relationships. These activities can actually reduce how much cortisol referred to as the stress hormone is bds m through your body. In a series of studies from Northern Illinois University, researchers took saliva samples from submissive and dominant participants during sadomasochistic scenes and the dominant partners showed a decreased level of cortisol after the session concluded.

Not only can a reduction in cortisol make us feel better mentally, but it can also positively impact our physical health. Lower cortisol levels protect us bds m a wide range of health ailments, including high blood pressure, suppressed immunity, and insulin resistance. While some might assume the opposite would be true, exploring aspects of BDSM with your partner can actually improve your sexual relationship and ultimately bring you closer together. It's important to know that sex is play and it is OK to be submissive or powerful in a consensual way.

At the bds m of the day, improved communication skills are key ingredients in the recipe for any satisfying, healthy relationship—romantic or otherwise. In addition to strengthening your communication skills across the board, those who practice BDSM with their long-term partners can often experience a deeper sense of trust. For example, what do they fantasize about? Are they secretly more turned on by being utterly submissive or by having total control?

From there, they can start to map out scenarios that fit within those parameters. It takes a great deal of trust to talk about these things, let alone figure out ways to put them into action and then move forward into actual role-playing. Being sexual with anyone requires a great deal of trust, but the intricacies of BDSM require participants to really double down on being vulnerable with each other.

Research from the International Society for Sexual Medicine conducted a study to specifically measure the mental well-being of people who enjoy participating in BDSM, and they did so by examining key personality traits of each person. Those traits included their attachment styles in relationshipsgeneral well-being, and how sensitive they were to rejection compared to those in a control group. The participants in the BDSM group felt more secure in their relationships, had an increased sense of well-being, were more conscientious toward others, and more open to trying new experiences.

They also had decreased anxiety and were less sensitive to others' perceptions. All of these characteristics may be indicators that BDSM may be positively correlated with some benefits. Though BDSM is often misunderstood, activities that fall under its umbrella have been part of the human experience across the ages. Research has demonstrated several ways in which it is positively associated with participants' mental and physical health and the ways in which it can deepen romantic relationships.

If you're curious about exploring BDSM with your partner, we recommend having a candid, open discussion with each other. Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. Between pleasure and pain: a pilot study on the biological mechanisms associated with BDSM interactions in dominants and submissives.

J Sex Med. Sadomasochism without sex? Exploring the parallels between BDSM and extreme rituals. Psychological characteristics of BDSM practitioners.

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How BDSM Might Benefit Your Health and Improve Your Relationship