Post smash snapchat

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What do college students share on social media when you take away censorship and give them anonymity? Apparently pre- and post-smash read: sex photos as evidenced on the new social media app, Yeti - Campus Storieswhich is taking U.

Yeti features, among many other things, thre of students taking selfies and photos of each other before and after doing the deed.

Post smash snapchat

Both male and female students are taking part, and these NSFW photos and sometimes videos are being used to brag on Yeti and to their entire schools that they just got smashed. If you've never seen this free app before, it looks a lot like Snapchat, except story feeds are separated by schools. Yeti launched in March and is essentially a Snapchat with no rules — the app is completely self-governing. Based out of California, a source at Yeti HQ told us they are processing thousands of posts every hour, and already have hundreds of thousands of daily active users all college students.

Post smash snapchat

Meanwhile, Snapchat only lets you screenshot photos that you can see once or twice, and routinely shuts down s that post mature content. So, what does that look like exactly?

Post smash snapchat

Does it really make you feel better to put someone else down? So, what happens when someone shares a photo of someone else without their permission? The exact way Campus Yetis are chosen is unknown, but we were told they're students at the schools they represent who use the app a lot, and who are influencers on their campus.

Because the moderators are students themselves, and there is a natural rivalry among colleges, the stories we see on Yeti are probably not entirely representative of typical student life, but are rather representations of what college students consider impressive, which might be even worse. Keywords Yeti Social Media sex college relationships consent.

Post smash snapchat Post smash snapchat

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