First time spanking stories

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Cindy crawled into the large king size bed. She was alone; very alone, and struggling with the what-have-I-done-demons. The day that started with so much anticipation and excitement had turned into a disaster. Cindy should have known it would, but need over rode every bell, whistle and warning her mind tried to send up.

Ethan, her husband of 14 years would be on his way, as soon as he could secure a sitter for their 7 and 11 year old sons. That plus the 4 and a half hour drive gave her about six hours to wait. Six hours to find an explanation he would accept. What was she doing stranded in a motel room near Ashville North Carolina four hours from home? What was she doing stretched out on an empty king size bed on her stomach nursing a brutally striped backside?

Ethan would never understand. He would just feel betrayed, and probably disgusted. A year ago, Cindy discovered spanking on the internet, and her secret fantasies came alive. At first she just read. Slowly as she surfed, she found the courage to talk. There were chat rooms and forums, picture and video sites, and sites where stories were posted. Several sites were couples oriented, others were more for singles. The couple sites attracted Cindy, because she too was married. It felt like a warning, or at least a al. What some couples seemed to have could not work for her. But her need was awake and gaining strength first time spanking stories day.

She knew that others were spanked, and she wanted to be one of them. In time she decided on a plan. There were many men out there who actively sought women to spank; women who just wanted a spanking but no long term relationship.

First time spanking stories

Her fantasies were of discipline. Since this man was not her spouse, they agreed that a school room or mentor scenario would be more realistic and feel less contrived.

First time spanking stories

Cindy shared guilty secrets with the man, all under the premise of providing a rationale for her planned chastisement. The man was good at the game. He directed Cindy to posts and sites where safety information could be found.

First time spanking stories

Enough women had been victimized in their quest to find and meet a spanker, that whole strategies had evolved and been shared to help teach others how to avoid problems. Cindy read them. She discussed them at length with her spanker.

Finally after three months, the meeting to administer her punishment was arranged.

First time spanking stories

Instead of her once per quarter trip to division headquarters in Raleigh, Cindy arranged a personal day off from work, and drove beyond Raleigh to the seasonally neglected tourist haunts near Ashville instead. Her spanker headed there too, but from the other direction. This was a midway point that was remote and anonymous for them both. Her husband thought she was gone to work, her employer thought she was taking care of family business. No one but her spanker knew she was doing neither.

Of course that was not part of the safety protocols. In fact they all strongly advised that someone else know where she was first time spanking stories, who she was meeting and have a way to keep in touch. As far as her spanker knew, Cindy had made these arrangements, but in reality she had no one she could trust to tell. Her heart pounded, her mouth was dry, and her hands trembled as she checked in to her room in the small motel. It was almost lunchtime, and she would be late for the neutral ground meeting.

A jack-knifed truck on the interstate slowed her progress. Two calls on her cell phone from home, each relaying unusual but minor problems. And here she was late. Changing to the plaid skirt and sweater as agreed, Cindy took off her make-up, and let her hair down from the knot on the crown of her head to the long girlish braid she wore most weekends.

The transformation was amazing. Fear, embarrassment, nervous excitement, and the unmistakable throb of sexual arousal all churned inside her. Stray thoughts, that Ethan might consider this an act of infidelity swirled inside her too. She tried to dismiss them, telling herself she was not going to have sex, but the throb between her legs kept it alive as one more element of the intense anxiety she was feeling.

She fought her instincts and better judgment and crossed the parking lot. The sounds of traffic were completely drowned out by the pounding of her heart and roaring of blood in her ears. He was there. He smiled and stood to greet her.

His expression was a perfect blend of interest in her well being and stern purpose. Cindy blushed and smiled. Shy embarrassment suffused her. She was, after all, here to be spanked; spanked for the first time in her life.

First time spanking stories

Some of her fears dissolved. Just as he had in their chats and conversations, this spanker seemed to know exactly what to say and do. He was good looking too, something Cindy had not expected. It was a nice surprise. He smiled and thanked her for the compliment, and then sat down. Lunch was a formality; a necessary polite pre-amble.

On one level Cindy wished they could, so they could bypass the uncomfortable preliminaries. At first her nervousness made it hard for Cindy to concentrate, but slowly she was able to relax.

First time spanking stories

The man was good. In only twenty minutes or so, he had Cindy at ease. She hardly touched her lunch, but she had relaxed enough while he ate his, that when he suggested they had business to attend to, and should be on their way, Cindy almost felt disappointed. The conversation had become comfortable and interesting, and she was beginning to savor the anticipation it enabled.

Nervousness returned along with an urge to back out and run away. She swallowed it down after the first few waves splashed over her resolve. Cindy fought off her getter judgment once more when she noted that he had taken a room at the far end of the strip. Well away from the cluster of occupied rooms. She told herself that his choice made sense from a privacy perspective. What they planned to do had the potential to be overheard. Still, the distance from people and help was a concern, if only for a brief few moments. Cindy swallowed the cottony bile that welled up into her throat, and dropped her eyes to the floor.

Fear and regret kept intruding. She was here now though, and she first time spanking stories going to have her spanking. After it was done, she would sort out all the other stuff. She nodded her head. But you HAVE managed to compound your punishment this afternoon.

It was really happening! She was going to get a spanking. Cindy looked up into his eyes, and took his reached out hand. As he sat on the chair he already had positioned alone where the desk used to be she moved with him and stood by his right leg. You have a full afternoon of consequences before you as it is. The feel of his right hand grabbing her upper left thigh to push and shift her forward, and his left on the side of her right hip made her stiffen and try briefly to get back up.

With that the spanking began. With the first several minutes of spanks being more thud than sting, as he warmed her up through her skirt and panties.

First time spanking stories

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