Kissing fetish

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In this case, it would be a fetish we've been trained to have since birth, but does it really count as a fetish? I mean, there are those cute, innocent, loving kisses and those aren't sexual, right? Do those count?

Kissing fetish

I might be biased because I don't like kissing and I don't really understand the point of it, but I guess what I'm mainly asking is:. That's actually a pretty good question and I think I'm going to wait to see what others think about it because I've kissed, but because it was what I was suppose to do in a romantic relationship. Hmmm, perhaps it depends on the kind of kiss. It has become popular that a heavy kiss with a small lip biting means you want to make love, and some people are really turned on by that, so I guess that would be a fetish, but idk if all kissing is a fetish.

Maybe it is for some and is not for others, like a hug. So if the definition of a fetish is that it inspires arousal, then I guess kissing can be viewed as a fetish? I think it could count as a fetish, but it depends on how the person feels about it. The word "fetish" is often associated with sexual things outside of the norm, but it isn't exclusively meant to indicate that-- fetish can apply to typical things, too.

A girl can have a fetish for men with nice beards, for example. This I don't know. A lot of things about human behaviour don't have a precise answer; all I know is that it's a very pleasant thing for many people. Like I said in my first answer, it depends on how the person feels about it. It may turn on some people and not turn on others. I have no idea, honestly, at least in the romantic sense, seeing as I'm aromantic. I actually do like kissing, though, but in a totally nonsexual, nonromantic way; in some cultures, it's normal to greet people-- even those of the kissing fetish sex-- with a quick kiss, and I kind of enjoy kissing in the same sense.

Considering that it's so widespread, it's probably not a fetish in the usual sense. But asexuals who kiss might find a way to fetishize it, as they take a lot of other things that are normally associated with sexuals and sexual fetishes, and end up doing it as a non-sexual fetish. Although I haven't heard of such a case, so According to dictionary.

Except that it's not like the lips, specifically, turn someone on, it's the act of kissing itself Yeah, I have no idea. XD It's not commonly considered a fetish, to the best of my knowledge. I like kissing because it feels nice. Sometimes it makes me feel closer to people--not in a romantic way, but it can definitely feel emotionally intimate.

For the most kissing fetish I just do it because it feels nice, though, and I wish it could be left at that and not turned kissing fetish some sexual thing by the vast majority of people. I don't know if the act of kissing counts as a situation, but it makes more sense for this topic than 'any object or nongenital part of the body' does.

I know it's not usually considered a fetish, but it's just a thought I had that I wanted to see if others would agree with. I don't count it as a fetish, but I don't have that strong an opinion on the matter. Yes, some sexuals most of them, possibly do get turned on by kissing, especially if it's passionate. As for why people kiss, it's because they like it. It gives them a nice physical and emotional sensation.

Of course, those who don't enjoy it won't kiss; there's nothing really arcane about whether one kisses or not, it's just about pleasure. Some asexuals myself included like it for the reasons stated before - it feels nice and it can be a way to bond with your partner. If I personally had to pick, though, I'd take hugs over kisses any day of the year. What counts as a fetish does seem to be pretty arbitrary, and not particularly consistently applied in society. I think the logic goes something like "kissing is done by most people in relationships and so doesn't need to be labelled as a fetish as it's not one of those "weird" things done by kinky folks".

I feel exactly the same when kissing as I do when doing stuff that would probably be regarded by most people as a fetish, so I don't see any actual distinction. I like the physical closeness with another person and the sensations. If it's done as an expression of affection then that also makes it feel so much better as well. I think the idea of fetish flawed in itself. Of course I am asexual but I do feel romantic attraction and its not the same as someone else's romantic attraction personally, I kissing fetish only fall in love with someone who appreciates juvenile humor like spongebob, captain underpants, and various fart jokes.

Luckily I've found her! But seriously, whatever it is, people should be allowed to experience it in whatever way they want without it becoming a weird fetish. There are cultures, especially in the past, that didn't kiss until they were introduced to it. It's learned behavior, even though it generally doesn't feel like for so many of the people who do it. I'd say no Kissing is often meant as an act romance depending on it's context. Kissing could be of part of a fetish, say That depends on your definition of "kiss"--which is often debated in the scientific kissing fetish.

I don't mean fetish in a bad way, and I'm not trying to turn it into anything weird or wrong. Sorry if that's what it sounded like! I was thinking more along the lines of 'What separates kissing from a fetish? Other than the fact that it's so widespread, what makes it different? I think it's basically just popularity, really. Or, if you want a more "scientific" reason, then it could be that the pleasure one gets from erogenous zones of their body is considered "normal" because, well, said zones of the human body are basically built for that, more or less.

At least, in most humans. So it's considered "normal" to be turned on by something that concerns erogenous zones e. It's a fetish if you're turned on by something that isn't an erogenous zone, e. I think it is just the fact that kissing fetish is widespread. If you wanted, I could give scientific reasons for humans finding pain pleasurable as it releases endorphinsbut I'm not sure that would convince most people that masochism was "normal" or not a "fetish" :p. I wonder if this is how sexuals feel when we explain asexuality to them, because I really don't get it.

Kissing fetish

I think I'll just stick with cake instead of kissing. Kissing mouth to mouth is a cultural norm in western cultures and is not inherently sexual nor is it necessary for intercourse. There are many persons who engage in kissing and make it a requirement for sexual activity which would kissing fetish that it can get in the way of sexual activity.

Not every one likes the act of kissing and it appears that this is a learnt behavior and association, just like fetishes are. At face value people who are repulsed by the act cite that it involves the unhygienic exchange millions of bacteria as the human mouth is one of the nastiest parts of the human body. This is where the hypocrisy lies. Psychology and Psychiatry has pathologised other fetishtic behaviors but they have not recognized kissing for what it is — maybe because of the cultural norm thing. Which as far as I am concerned invalidates the whole fetishtic disorder thing in the DSM and elsewhere.

If you look at the research done over the years you can find positive attributes though questionable about kissing — that it contributes to longevity and mental health etc. On the other hand other atypical sexual behaviors are associated with mal adaptive and antisocial behaviors for example the work done by Abel et al. What I do know is that you can contract certain diseases including some STDs from kissing while that cannot be said about other atypical behaviors.

I really find what is put out by the mental health community on these topics are questionable from a scientific point of view and makes me question the validity of psychology and psychiatry. It just does not add up. In June I started a thread in psychforums under sexual fetishes "Definition of Fetishes and the Labels it Creates" and used the fact that kissing satisfied almost all except that its not atypical of the criteria as a pathological fetish - and i got no replies.

I have searched schollarly articles for indications of this and found none, only how beneficial kissing kissing fetish. This is an interesting topic to me because i recently loss access to my children in a custody battle because I have a fetish for certain kinds of lingerie - Its all adult and I was the primary caretaker of my.

The experts involved in the case have committed some grave examples of logical fallacies in my case. This is one of the reasons I feel psychiatry and psychology is causing havoc in our society today. We have to be careful not to give too much importance to DSM, dictionary and other formal definitions when discussing this topic. People can have narcissistic behaviors but they may not satisfy the criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I would say Kissing satisfies all of the definitions of a fetish even to the point where it can make you dysfunctional about sex, except for the part where fetishes need to be bizarre.

They now use the word Atypical sexual interests. When you look at what a sexual fetish not necessarily pathological is and I will use my own definition here — engaging in behaviors, being sexually attracted objects or body parts or related activities that are not inherently sexual. Usually its developed somewhere before adulthood by associating the behavior or activity with sex. I think in some way it might be a fetish for me, or just something kissing fetish. I've never really thought about it.

Kissing fetish

I know that my history with having sex I needed to be kissed a lot during it, but maybe for connection reasons rather than an actual fetish. Terms of Service and Important Links. AVEN Fundraiser! Let us know what you think of AVEN's moderator elections. New Declass Team Member needed: Voting. Is kissing a fetish? Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Aerial Ace Posted August 14, Posted August 14, I might be biased because I don't like kissing and I don't really understand the point of it, but Kissing fetish guess what I'm mainly asking is: Is it a fetish? Why do we kiss, anyway? Do sexuals get 'turned on' just by kissing?

Kissing fetish do some asexuals like kissing? Link to post Share on other sites. Guest Posted August 14, Elmtree Posted August 14, VinnyCrow Posted August 14, These are some good questions, and I hope my answers are helpful. Is it a fetish? Someone Else Posted August 14, Posted August 15, Aerial Ace Posted August 15, A r g e n t Posted August 15, I would say that it depends on the type of kiss, I guess :.

Needless to say I think this explains everything better than I ever could. Someone Else Posted August 15, Janus DarkFox Posted August 16, Posted August 16, Aerial Ace Posted August 16, A r g e n t Posted August 16, Aerial Ace Posted August 17, Posted August 17, WillGan Posted September 12,

Kissing fetish

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