Crossdresser with boyfriend

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I have been having a really hard time adjusting to my boyfriend crossdressing. He told me when we had been together for two months. It has been a year since he told me and I am still adjusting. Is it normal to adjust so slowly?

Crossdresser with boyfriend

He is very manly all other times and I love him so much. We live together and he is amazing. My Problem lately has been that I feel I am taking pictures for everyone on the internet to see. He posts them almost immediately after I take them. He says that he feels sexy when people comment them. Another thing is that I want to dress up in sexy outfits too, but he never asks me to.

Another thing that he does is anal. He loves when I use a strap-on on him. This is the thing that frightens me the most. He has told me before that he wants to know what a real one feels like and I am afraid he will like it to much. I grew up in a house where this kind of stuff meant you were gay.

Crossdresser with boyfriend

And even if he is bi it scares me, because I do not want to share him with anyone else. He said that he likes having sex with me way to much to ever go gay but what if later on in life he does. I have gone onto his on his computer and I know it is wrong but the only porn he has is girls with dicks.

Crossdresser with boyfriend

I know this is a very long post but please respond to it. I just need some advice. I am crossdresser with boyfriend and need some comforting advice. Please Help! In the end, everything may indeed work out well between you both, and I hope that is the case. However, I believe you need to address some important things before that can become a reality. Communication Good communication is vital to the success of any relationship.

That is true whether or not crossdressing or sexual preference comes into play. You should let each other know what is wanted, needed, and expected of the other. This needs to be communicated openly and honestly. I strongly recommend engaging in serious discussion about your concerns with your boyfriend. It depends on the kind of attention that is being saught, received, and how you feel about that attention. Dress sexy and see how he reacts. He has expressed his need to feel sexy, remind him of your own need in that department. Sexual preference It sounds like your boyfriend may be bisexual, or at the very least, bi-curious.

This in and of itself is generally harmless, depending on his level of curiosity. It depends on what he gets out of looking at the photos. It might be a good idea to ask. Men crossdressing and non often have sexual fantasies that cannot be fulfilled by their partner. For instance, a man may fantasize about having sex with two women at the same time, or with a particular celebrity. Having such sexual fantasies is pretty common and does not necessarily mean they will ever be realized or even seriously pursued. Personal discovery When it comes to gender expression and sexuality, there is often an aspect of personal discovery involved.

Your boyfriend may still be discovering his own preferences. Ask him if his bisexual fantasies go beyond just a curiosity. He may not be entirely certain yet himself, so if he has some difficulty answering, try not to press the issue too hard and give him some time to figure things out. Your concerns are absolutely valid and understandable, but you need to be able to trust the man you love and share a home with.

In return, he needs to be able to trust you. If you cannot trust one another, the relationship crossdresser with boyfriend not be very rewarding and most likely fail. Again, open and honest communication needs to take place.

Crossdresser with boyfriend

In addition, if you are seriously concerned about your boyfriend doing things behind your back, that says a lot. Reaching an understanding Every relationship has rules. An example of a common unspoken rule in a monogamous relationship is that neither parther shall engage in sexual activity with others outside of the relationship. Take the time to discuss and establish a set of rules crossdresser with boyfriend your relationship. Make clear to your boyfriend what is and what is not acceptable behavior. In return, he should also communicate the same to you.

It is important to reach an agreement that you are both comfortable with and can both realistically adhere to. I understand that you love your man and enjoy the relationship on many levels, but you deserve to be happy and it sounds like right now, you are not. Rather than just continue in your uncertainty, hoping for the best, take action and start discussing the things that have been troubling you. The success of any relationship comes down to love, trust, respect, honesty, good communication, and compatibility.

I hope the two of you can reach an understanding and find the happiness you both deserve, whether it be together, or apart. Related content: Dear Gabi Advice Column.

Crossdresser with boyfriend

Write to Gabrielle: Dear Gabi submission. Cross gender identities are complex things — both for the individual who finds themselves living with such an identity and by association for those closest to them. Finding a workable balance in life can often be difficult in the extreme — crushingly so. What does your boyfriend want?

Is it purely centered around the erotic for him, or does she desire to explore the world as a woman socially? For the writer crossdresser with boyfriend the original letter, what do you want? What are you comfortable with? Are you willing to have both a partner and a sister in the same person? The balance each of us needs is different, and the real question is whether a couple can come to a mutual sense of balance that meets the needs of both individuals well.

That may mean sacrifices of things that both parties hold dear — but should not mean suppressing something that is real for either. Thanks for the additional thoughts, Michelle.

Crossdresser with boyfriend

The questions you posed for the the author of the letter are excellent. Even though the main question was addressed as crossdressingit seemed as if all the issues and concerns centered around sexual behaviors and desires. I am a genetic girl too, with a cross-dressing boyfriend.

I love my guy, I am totally ok with his cross-dressing, but I too have the same moment of why should I bother to dress sexy. Sometimes Crossdresser with boyfriend feel like he is more interested in his own reflection. We talk about it. It comes down to give and take, I am ok with his dressing and he understands sometimes I want my traditional date with him in guy mode.

Communication, communication, communication. As for the sexual aspect, I think we have things in common there too. Cross-dressing for my guy seems to be more of a sexual thing than a serious gender issue. At times he is all guy and at times he thinks and feels more like a woman, I think he is happy with who he is and I am too.

With that said, there is definitely bi-curious talk in the bedroom. I am ok with. Again, we have talked about it. I know it is, for us, just talk and fantasy in the bedroom. Again, I am ok with this. I feel, with most things in life…moderation. My guy has only posted a few pics, but I think I get the thrill of it. As a GG, to have men compliment you and flirt crossdresser with boyfriend you provides a powerful feeling. As long as it stays as harmless flirtation. We talk and we share. When he gets dressed up and we take pictures, it definitely turns him on a little bit more, and I get the benefits of that!

So we are both happy. I am happy with my cross-dressing guy. We have a serious relationship, with the issues that any relationship does, but cross-dressing is not one. I know my guy is private about his cross-dressing, so it is a little secret we share, it is fun. Talk, talk and talk some more is what I say to you. Some of your issues seem like just regular issues…will my guy be faithful? Even women in relationships with non-cders feel unappreciated so why should they make the effort to dress up? Talk, let him know that just as an evening dressed makes him happy, and evening with him in guy mode makes you happy.

If you get what you need you will probably be happy to give him what he needs.

Crossdresser with boyfriend

Let him know your thoughts on monogamy, and that it applies to hetero and bi-sexual feelings. Gabrielle has great advice. I read her blog all the time. I rarely comment, but since she asked today I did. I found her blog when I was looking to talk to other women who date cross-dressers.

Crossdresser with boyfriend

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