Snapchat leaked usernames list

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Anonymous hackers have claimed to use the reported Snapchat API exploit to compile a database of 4. The site, SnapchatDB.

Snapchat leaked usernames list

Instructions on the s say, "You are downloading 4. People tend to use the same username around the web so you can use this information to find phone information associated with Facebook and Twitter s, or simply to figure out the phone s of people you wish to get in touch with.

It is clear that the hackers are trying to prod Snapchat to acknowledge the severity of their security holes and make the needed patches. They claim that the database "contains username and phone pairs of a vast majority of the Snapchat users.

The company was too reluctant at patching the exploit until they knew it was too late and companies that we trust with our information should be more careful when dealing with it. In order to not make the information too useful to black hat hackers, the last two digits of the phone s have been blurred out redacted "in order to minimize spam and abuse. It's hard to know how exactly to feel about all of this. Snapchat's security is indeed lax, even by social media startup standards.

On the other hand, Alex Clemmer, a hacker with a keen understanding of the internals of Snapchat cautioned, in comments on Hacker News"The Snapchat API is fundamentally insecurable as it exists today. The problem is not that Snapchat could have secured their API against unauthorized access and simply failed to do snapchat leaked usernames list, it's that their API cannot possibly be secured, AND they happened to make some bad mistakes snapchat leaked usernames list the way.

Even a serious security team would have been unable to lock everything down. They might have locked some of these issues down, but they would not have gotten all of them. The line between alerting the public, as Gibson Security and the programmers behind SnapchatDB have, and actually facilitating malevolent hacking is thin.

Security experts routinely embarrass companies with substandard practices as a way of demonstrating their own skill and value as consultants. But why didn't Snapchat take this more seriously? I have a theory. Last week there was a big story about how Facebook was " dead and buried " because teens didn't want to be on a service that their parents had moved into. Now, when it comes to security, the parents care a lot more than the. Could Snapchat be playing fast and loose with the security of their user data as a way of scaring away the grownups? This would be a clever ploy but for one damning fact.

A large share of Snapchat's users are minor children. Could anyone, from the CEO of Snapchat to the perpetrators of SnapchatDB really think that risking the broadcasting of the phone s of year-old girls and boys is a risk worth taking? Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources. To keep up with Quantum of Contentplease subscribe to my updates on Facebookfollow me on Twitter and App. I am a deer and developer and content strategist.

Snapchat leaked usernames list

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Snapchat leaked usernames list

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Snapchat leaked usernames list

Jan 1,am EST. Sample data from SnapchatDB with some details redacted. Anthony Wing Kosner.

Snapchat leaked usernames list

I use my experience as a magazine art director and web editor to help publishers, marketers, non-profits and…. Read Less.

Snapchat leaked usernames list

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Snapchat leak reveals phone s, usernames of million users [updated]