Csgo selling keys

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The latest update to the game has brought an end to the trading and selling of new keys between users and on the Steam Community Market. In their blog postValve pointed towards an increase in the usage of CS:GO keys by "worldwide fraud networks" to liquidate their gains as the reason for the change. The blog post went on to say that "at this point, nearly all key purchases that end up being traded or sold on the marketplace are believed to be fraud-sourced.

The change to the trading and selling of keys will only effect newly purchased keys, meaning that any keys that already exist in inventories or on the market will remain unaffected.

Csgo selling keys

The update also fixed a client UI issue as well as an exploit in Danger Zone that allowed for players to avoid damage if they had an invalid name. News Matches Events. Remember me. Theme Day Night Auto. Show Yes No. Automatic Timezone On Off. Force desktop mode On Off. Match filter settings Expand. Enable filter Yes No. Any matchup that fits one or more of the criteria set in the filter will feature in the today's matches column. Reset filter. Match type Live match. Star filter Clear. Event type LAN. Team name placeholder. That's rich coming from a country that elected Trump.

Chinese people can't even choose so they are not nearly as dumb. European union is my flag mens WTF. Also Bolsonaro very good brother big brain Brazil. It basically is right now, the relationship between two countries in EU isn't much different than the relationship between two states in America. The US isn't one culture either, so people talk the same way here. New Yorkers hate New Jersey, everybody hates California, the southern states survive off of a literal dog food diet, Louisiana is fucking gross swamp people, the mid-west has it's own weirdo religion.

The list csgo selling keys go on. How do they get more rare if you can buy an unlimited amount directly through csgo at a fixed price? But how about the keys that can't be bought trough the store? For now they will. But will "tradable key" become something big on the market? Might go both ways, it's a big gamble at this point.

Csgo selling keys

People: Krieg need fix Valve: Added restrictions on tradability and marketability of newly purchased case keys. Pretty much this, although the latter can be also a big problem, if it is true. Also people: I don't want to have to install an invasive anti cheat program that can read literally all of my data on my pc There are always two sides to a coin.

People: we want a 20th anniversary celebration Valve: adds a new case with the heavily requested classic knife wtf are you talking about lmao. I've only opened 1 case and 1 sticker capsule in my entire life. I'm not saying I unbox a lot of cases. I'm saying that the community requested the classic knife and they added it in a case.

You said people: please do something about cheaters valve: here you have the new case you wanted "the new case you wanted" why are you even using this as an example, it's so stupid. I'm not butthurt, I'm just pointing out your flawed logic. You're saying that valve aren't doing anything to solve a problem a bunch of people want solved by adding something that a bunch of people want added, when the two are completely unrelated. For example People: please do something about cheaters Valve: nerfs the Krieg. That doesn't make any sense, does it?

You're suggesting that the comment we've been talking about, akais a joke. I'm not saying literally our entire conversation. Your follow up comments suggest to me that while it might be a joke, you still mean what you say, so I'm showing you that what you have said is flawed, and that csgo selling keys is what you're trying csgo selling keys save yourself from.

I'm the only one? You're getting WAY too defensive as well lmao, and calling me self centred for destroying your point also doesn't make sense. I'm not super into proving you wrong, I just am proving you wrong. Doesn't mean I'm obsessed over it, or that I'm right about everything, and me creating a logical counter-argument certainly isn't "babbling" just because you don't like that it contradicts you.

So, stop crying and being a massive baby over it. It really doesn't matter. If anything, you're the one obsessing at this point. Just don't reply back if you want this to stop. Well, I'm glad I'm that important to you, but again, I think you have the wrong person.

Csgo selling keys

Nah, 2 lines had 4 words, 2 lines had 2 words, maybe buy an abacus And you've deliberately made that separate lines xd. If you don't want to reply again just don't reply, don't make up some bs lmao. If you want to be right about your bs opinion just think you are, don't tell anyone lmao. Yes let's make AK and M4 the only usable rifles again yaaaaaay! It is such a shame that there are other csgo selling keys to choose from! The CS20 key is already 3,5 euro per key, literally 45 mins later the update rolled out. Read the article. Keys bought from now on are not tradable, ly bought keys are.

Wait wtf. I wait This was targeted towards me huh? You think you can fucking get away with this valve? Yiu don't know the power of chinese companies. Just wait. Yeah man they are killing the game through an update that doesn't affect their competitive gameplay whatsoever. They literally shut Steam down to do this update. You can't read 2. You're retarded if you don't realize they didn't shut down steam for this csgo update.

Csgo selling keys

There's a Halloween sale. People said the same about the 7 day trade ban but skins recovered from it. Thank you brother, one of my best friends is turkish, he and many turks are very smart, respect to Turkey :. Yeah they are smart. There are more pressing issues than this shit, the economy which is one of the only things that make CS truly unique is literally broken rn and this is what they are focusing on???

Other sports have systems put in place to keep integrity and democracy.

Csgo selling keys

Has the game, which is 20 years old and the lively hood for many people got to a point where its too big to be directed by a few at the game company. So why would anyone choose to buy keys from the marketplace now that prices going up? If Valve made the skins that would fuck over the skin creators.

They are really giving money away to the community when they could choose not to. Are you stupid? Opskins denied Valve hundreds of millions of dollars but Valve let them do it. They only banned them as soon as they were trying to work around the 7 day trade ban. Always happy when those who trade and deal with thatt crap get rekt! It might as csgo economy is a big thing, it helps keeping the game relevant and alive.

If csgo economy dies, csgo might die.

Csgo selling keys

The game will die when it's not fun to play anymore. This has nothing to do with it. Now you will use other shit as currency and nothing changes. Literally every game has skins so what's keeping them in csgo? Counter strike has been played without skins for many years across the 3 main games. How am I being delusional?

My statement has actual facts while you use inaccurate figuresto describe a majority playerbase. Show me the fact where the counter strike without skins beats counter strike with skins. Lmfao you can't, this piece of shit game doesn't have enough content to survive without a skins market. Read it again. I stated that the game was played without skins for many years, whereas you stated that the only reason why this game is stilled played is because of skins.

Csgo selling keys

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