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Hi, I am thinking about being with a guy when dressed up fully but only in presence of a girl. I am a straight guy who likes dressing up but I have never ever ever thought about a guy before. Now slowly I am opening cross to the idea of being with a guy and letting him drill me while a girl is present.

I really want to do it but I am wondering if I am going to regret it later. My questions are 1. Has anyone done it before? Did you cross guilty later about it? Did you get addicted to being with a guy? Did you decide to go fulltime after being with a guy? Most Importantly 5. Was it more pleasurable than straight sex? How did you feel? Before dressing up, I used to see shapes as masculine and feminine. Like certain shoes are obviously feminine slim. Now I dont have those thoughts any more since I started dressing up.

I am wondering if being with a guy would make one gender fluid. I am thinking about it but I want to know other's physical, emotional experience before taking this step. It kind of sounds like you feel the need to have a girl present because subconsciously you suffer from the same guilt about anything homosexual that pretty much every guy does. If you want to have sex with a guy, try it. There's nothing wrong with that! Who knows, it might be the best thing you've ever experienced. It's about a ten minute read.


Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and cross like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to as those female feelings into. Originally Posted by leonal I am a straight guy Jennifer, I think he wants to be with a guy because of the self-sexualization induction autogynephilia can have.

So no, I highly doubt he is in denial of anything, he's probably straight with a sex fantasy, that might end up not liking the result. Hey not to scare you off here, try whatever you feel you want, I'm just implying that you might be thinking it is one thing, and could end up very different to how you think it is. I doubt you are gay leonal, tell us something Are you attracted to guys in the sense they turn you on you being dressed up or notor are you just attracted to the idea of being dressed up and let a guy touch you?

If the affirmative response is the second option, then the guy is just a tool in your sexual fantasy, and you are not attracted to guys per se. Because really, these are two very different things EDIT: I almost forget Zero interest. You go full time if you find that it is the best for you, but not because some external reason. Last edited by Ezekiel; at PM. I have never been with a guy dressed, but I have fooled around with guys before. I have felt guilty in the past with the same sort of hangups a lot of men experience after homosexual activity, but I'm not letting it ruin my life or anything.

However, I often fantasize about being with another man while I am in girl mode and how it might be different being treated as a woman instead of a man. Last edited by Shelly Cross at AM. Reason: please read the rules. Personally, it sounds more like you want the fantasy and not the actual situation.

Though I suppose it is possible that your feminine aspect is more inclined to the idea and might like it. Dressing doesn't change your sexual orientation. But your frame of mind while dressed might make you more willing to explore things you're already inclined to. My answers: 1. Only once while Dressed, and a few times prior to that as a guy with another guy. Never had a girl watching while that happened. My first few gay encounters were not initiated by me, and they left me feeling very confused and conflicted.

I suppose somewhat guilty that I had enjoyed it, but I got over the guilt pretty fast. However, I knew my father would be very unlikely to accept the idea of me being bi or gay. So for most of my life I repressed that urge and tried to live a straight life.

I married a nice girl, had a kid No regrets for that relationship. We had a good marriage, over all. But all that time, although I remained cross to my wife, I still knew that I found some males attractive.

I just didn't act on that attraction. That is VERY different from how you describe yourself. As fate had it, I outlived my wife, as well as both of my parents. When she was gone and I was single again, I decided to explore cross dressing and to experiment with the bi side of my nature. I found that, when en-femme, I was more receptive to attention from males than when not. But in both cases, I would just as soon have a female partner. Still, I have had one time where I accepted an offer of intimacy from a male while I was out en-femme, and I brought him home with me.

I quite enjoyed him treating me like a classy lady that he wanted to be intimate with. I knew what I was doing, and no, I didn't feel guilty at all. There was nothing cross be guilty about. I wasn't cheating on anyone, and it was a mutually consensual evening. It was fun, and we both enjoyed it. But it wasn't any better than being with a girl, and honestly, not good enough for me to seek his company again after that. Since then, I am still open to either gender, with a general cross for girls.

I guess you could say Ceera is closer to being a lesbian than being bisexual. I still only cross dress about once a week. The experience didn't change my desire to cross dress at all. Honestly, it was about the same. Neither better nor worse than an average-quality encounter with someone I didn't have a deep emotional attachment to. Fun, yes. But not incredible. My advice to you is that you should try pleasing yourself with suitable sex toys first, to make sure you find the experience of 'being drilled' a pleasant one.

If you do, then you might carefully approach a gay or bi male that you trust, and as the others mentioned, by all means use a condom! There are free testing centers that give out cards that certify when you were last tested and what the were. Last edited by Ceera; at PM. Hi, I really want to do it but I am wondering if Cross am going to regret it later. I have never been with a man but i have very similiar fantasies. I consider myself semi bisexual meaning i have no romantic attraction to men but i have very specific sexual attraction.

I would think that you are at least semi bi and your interest in men may be very limited. I also have no desire in being with a man without being fully dressed. You could try a woman with toys to start. Need validation of your sexuality? Dressing like a girl won't change the reality Not that there's anything wrong with that. But sex is sex. CDing need not be a beard. But if that's what you need to express yourself sexually, have at it.

As for th questions, frankly they are a bit silly Kinda like once you go gay you'll never go back in their tone. Our sexuality isn't what le us to CDing. And no, one doesn't decide to live as a woman because they had a night of great sex while CDing.


I was going to use the word juvenile, but I decided against that rather unflattering characterization. Last edited by kimdl93; at PM. Have you the belief that the road ahead Ascends off into some lights.

No, not ever Women are far more attractive. Fun loving skirt wearer. Well, isn't this interesting???? I guess I'll answer the questions first. Way more than I'd like to admit 2. No guilt, seemed pretty natural to me 3.


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