Get paid for dick pics

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It sounds great. Before I attend the session, he tells me that, sometimes, he finds himself becoming erect. Unwelcome erections are just one of the surprises that I have discovered during my investigation into the lives of men who make a legal living from their penises.

Hurtling down the second drop on the Recession Big Dipper, I wanted to know how a man can make money from the very thing that defines him on a physiological level. I wondered if it was a viable way to make ends meet, a supplementary revenue stream. The men of this unusual industry all have jobs with their exclusive physical joys, financial profits and occupational hazards.

And, should you be tempted, what you can learn about using your own end for this most masculine of means. Simon has taken on a dramatic pose, one hand tucked behind his head, and has a tidily groomed chest and the handsome bone structure of the catalogue model he once was. At 40, he does kind of resemble Robbie Williams, or maybe his distant cousin. His cock leers arrogantly into the neatly appointed room. I silently observe the women. They appear calm. I decide not to say anything. Simon does pretty well out of his sardine. Their main advice is not to lie about your level of experience.

Otherwise you may be left to your own devices when it comes to posing.

Get paid for dick pics

As for the erection, arousal in some cases is to be expected. When he returns from the toilet, our model opts for the latter. He tells a few jokes and soon everyone is laughing.

Get paid for dick pics

I eventually find a way in around the back and go up a narrow staircase to a cluttered room, where I meet year-old Nick Molloy. I ended up fucking one of them while the other two watched. It is a benefits package worth bearing in mind. Nick is disrobing as we speak. It is quite distracting, talking to a man as he caresses his penis into an erection and gives me tips on his line of work.

But you have to get stuck in.

Get paid for dick pics

Now living in Los Angeles, Keiran is the only male performer in the world contracted to a major porn studio. His career started when his mates posted some drunken holiday photos on a swingers site and, among various offers from men wanting him to have sex with their wives, Keiran received an from an amateur porn outfit based in the East Midlands. Thinking it was his friends again, winding him up, he instructed them to book a hotel room for the filming. They said yes. The trick, Keiran says, is to forget how you have sex at home.

It was boring. Today he's one of the best-known stars of porn behemoth Brazzers, for whom he directs as well as acts, earning a staggering amount of money. But it's not as easy as it looks on your laptop. Unlike Simon, who doesn't have to be in shape to find work, as a porn actor you will be required to look after yourself. Keiran lifts weights, follows a low-carb diet and gets through three minute sessions of Bikram yoga every week to stay supple. NB: to date, there are no scientific studies that support this claim. Some girls enjoy the sex, others can be diva-ish.

Those are the only concerns Keiran voices during our time talking.

Get paid for dick pics

With such a small dating pool, it is no surprise that his loving wife, Puma Swede, is a fellow performer who directs and stars. But only ever with him. It is a rule that speaks to a certain emotional danger inherent to the profession of having sex with 30 women a month, 12 months a year. The viewers like that. There are no downsides to what Nick does, nor Simon, nor Keiran. Their shifts are short, their lie-ins long and they have a level of personal freedom that promises victorious release from the soul-death of the Monday morning commuter train.

But if every victory demands its loss, the men of the penis have theirs. In their own words: dubious parents, burdened love-lives, the occasional danger, possible humiliation. There are easier ways to profit from your genitalia. But as you can only donate to 10 families in your lifetime, this hardly adds up to a living. The economics do not work.

Get paid for dick pics

And therein lies the rub of this male-only industry. It seems less fun when transporting your penis around becomes such a full-time job. All of the men I meet occupy roles in which women can, and do, earn a lot more on the strength of their own unique genitalia.

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Get paid for dick pics

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