Online submissive training

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On again off again journal of what's happening in the life of Sir W- a lifestyle online submissive training. Including personal experiences and lifestyle information. Thank You Sir W. As a submissive I read your writings and realised what I should be looking for in a Dom. I have only started online recently and the Doms I have spoken to and one that owned me for awhile are not anywhere close to how you have described.

So I will keep on reading, training on my own and searching. That's amazing l too am wanting to become a sub not unlike yourself as in online but l don't have a clue everything lve tried they just want sex they aren't interested in anything else can you help please sir. Post a Comment. Tuesday, June 19, On-line Training of a submissive. Note from SirW: Below is the first part of a muti-part conversation with a Dominant called Jason.

In it, he and I discuss methods to train a new submissive in a totally on-line format. Feel free to add your comments to the postings.

Online submissive training

Jason She is very willing to learn and is deeply submissive. Online submissive training have experience in offline training but have none in online training, or distance relationships of any kind. This training is really a prelude to meeting, not a strictly online relationship, as she lives quite a distance from me. So I would love to hear from Doms who have online experience and wouldn't mind sharing some of their experiences, tips and knowledge with me. No doubt I could learn through trial and error as to which offline activities don't translate well online etc but with such a wealth of knowledge and experience here I thought why not tap into it first : SirW I have done on-line training in the past, then when I met my current submissive 5 years ago pretty much stopped.

Last month though, I bumped into a newbie subbie here, and we have started an on-line training. I think the key to success in on-line training is Two things: One, go slow and don't rush things. I find myself always having to re-read the s I send to her because I sometimes get going and then ask her to do about 10 things all at once.

Prioritize what you wish to do with her. Lists work good with due dates. Set up right away how you wish her to respond to any s and any on-line chats or sessions. Then reinforce that she doesn't need to feel that she needs to learn or know everything at once. Two: Communicate, communicate, communicate. Can't stress that enough.

Online submissive training

Write out everything you are going to tell her in a Word document better to edit and savere-read it and then send it to her. When replying to her s, include her reply and your response. This allows her and you to follow the different topic thre. Keep asking her to ask you questions.

I find that new subs have a lot of questions but are usually afraid to ask. Sometimes if I am not getting enough questions I tell her that her next asment is to ask me a question about some topic. I have, in the past, told the sub that each time she s me to ask me a question about my background or experience.

This way if I didn't already tell her something or didn't elaborate then she has the opportunity. Save everything. Since most of this relationship is going on throughchats, IM, etc It helps you to stay organized, and helps fight confusion about who said what when etc The next step is to lay out to her the way your on-line relationship is going to unfold.

Since she is brand new it is a little easier, because she probably doesn't have a lot of pre-conceived notions to correct. But, tell her what your role is going to be I tell my subs I am a guide in our journey to discover their submissive soul. Let her know what her role is, and your expectations of what she is going to need to do. I always have the sub tell me about her past BDSM experiences as well as sexual experiences.

I have had women tell me that they had no BDSM experiences and then eventually reveal they had a BF hold their hands above their head as he screwed her but didn't understand this is a BDSM experience. Ask about her lifestyle now and how much time she has to contact you. Then set limits of how much contact you will have with her.

This just gives her a framework to follow online submissive training allows you to begin to control which is what she wishes. Also, your time can start to get away from you if you don't keep on this. I am not saying she can only contact you for certain times on certain days, but when you start both of you may wish more time then one or both can afford to give.

If you control this it works better. I have the sub me about of the items at a time, asking her to ask me if she doesn't understand something, and then tell me if she has any experience or an interest in that item. This allows for a lot of learning to take place as well as getting to know her better. Also, you can send her URL for follow-up info on specific topics.

Is also, a good way for you to learn things I looked up Bastinado when I didn't know what the term was. Also, suggest books to read, or better yet if you can mail her one of your favorite books and you can as her a passage to read and then tell you her feelings about it. Keep asking her to tell you her feelings.

This is the only way you can judge how she is doing, what she is learning, and if she is progressing the way you feel she should be. I continually ask about her feelings. Each time we part a chat or IM, I tell her to me within 12 hours and tell me her feelings about what we just did or experienced. Since you can't see her reactions in her face or body, you have to keep making her tell you her feelings. Then you can sort online submissive training them with her. Try to keep this on-line only for at least awhile. Sometimes if the connection is strong you will wish to go to phone right away.

Try to avoid this impulse and wait until she is ready for it. You will not believe the power of hearing your voice for the first time will do to her. When you make her wait until she knows you a bit and you feel confident in beginning to know her, then the power of the moment is that much more.

Just like a real online submissive training relationship the on-line one is all about building trust. So keep going slow and pacing yourself. Offer her choices, but for the most part You maintain the control of what you will do when. Evaluate her responses and then decided which direction you are going to go.

A couple of short takes on a few things: Titles: Decide what you wish her to call you and then make her stick to it. I like Sir because Master means something different to me than most. But pick something and then make her stick to it. Also, pick her a nick or pet name you decide on. Make her change online submissive training on-screen nick to that. Make it special and unique. Discipline: Make sure she understands she needs to be focused on you and disciplined.

Make sure you tell her that honesty is the key to an on-line relationship. Always be honest with you. Sex- you are going to have cyber sex with her. I usually go slow with her and always make her extend it out. I will give her a release, but make it drawn out. I usually try to begin orgasm control from the get go. Making her start, stop, start again etc… I will give her a release before we are done with a session, but make her earn it.

I rarely ever come myself in the beginning. She will ask you about this she will be very concerned that you are satisfied and that you find her pleasing. I tell her that I will get what I need when I need it. I like using toys, but try to keep it to one or two things per session. Also, keep asking her feelings.

Pictures- In the beginning I never ask what a sub looks like, her measurements, sometimes not even her age. I tell her from the beginning I am more concerned what is in her head then what she looks like. If you need a picture ask for a head shot, then give her one of you. Tell her when you are ready for more revealing pictures of her, you will ask her for them. Good to put this in the back of her mind, and extend the control aura. I do send her pictures of things I wish her to know about. I sent my current trainee one of a woman with a leather sleeve on her arms.

She asked me what it was from the checklist, and it was easier to send her a pic than try to verbally explain it. Punishments- Lots of variations on this. I generally will not do punishments for awhile, if at all on-line. I tell her we will when I decide she needs it. Spanking or clamping your nipples yourself is not the same, and can be dangerous since she might not know when to stop. You need to be in contact with her all the time to control and train her.

A Dom who says he is punishing a sub by not seeing her or talking to her, or answering her is at best a coward, and worst an abuser. A punishment usually means she has done something incorrectly, which also means you have failed to get her to do it right.

So if you wish to punish for that then punish yourself. One of the most severe punishments I can give a submissive is to tell her that I am not going to tell her what I wish to do, she can decide on her own. A true submissive will really, really hate this. You have taken controlling her away, and she will be despondent. Only do this to make a point. Also, if you do punish make sure she knows online submissive training and what to do to avoid it in the future. When to go to real life: When you are ready, and You decide when that is. If distance is a problem then you may not have to worry she wishes this before you are ready.

I told my current submissive that we will meet someday. She was puzzled by this because we are a distance away, and our lives are complicated. But I told her some day we will meet, whether it is just to talk or hug, or more. But when I feel it is right it will happen. Talk with her and you decide.

Online submissive training Online submissive training

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