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This file may be freely copied so long as it remains intact with this message attached. By Ms. Or, How do I get a Mistress to accept my petition? Margo margo netcom. My first response to them is always: Be Patient. You will find that in the scene the ratio of submissives to Dominants is greater than But not all of those submissives are "good" submissives - ones that a Dominant would be interested in spending his or her time with.

Your job is to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Find a domme

This is the first point where patience comes into play. Although you certainly have to approve of your Dom, you need them to approve of you, and want to play with you. This won't happen if you pester the Dom, or make comments like, "I've been on the Net for a week! Come on! Just because they are a Dominant, they are under no obligation to use their talents in the Dominant arts on you. Some submissives look for years to find a Dominant with whom they can have satisfying play. It's much the same as trying to find a compatible boyfriend or girlfriend, but with the added criterion that the person must be scene-compatible with you as well.

Take your time and be a little choosy. You will be much more likely to have good scenes with someone that you are truly compatible and feel comfortable with, then you would be with the first Dom to come along. Impatient and pushy submissives don't get very far with Dominants. We may like brats, but we don't like jerks. If you push too hard we will simply step to the side and watch you fall on your face. The good Dominants also talk to each other. Word will get around if a submissive has a bad reputation; word will also get around if a submissive has a good reputation.

Dominants will also occasionally ask each find a domme for recommendations on a particular submissive.

Find a domme

If you have been a jerk with one Dominant, it will make it harder for you to be accepted by other Dominants. Being patient doesn't mean being a piece of furniture, though. If you have an interest in a Dominant, try to get to know them. If you see them in IRC, say hello to them and try to engage them in conversation. Don't just sit there saying nothing and waiting for them to talk to you, most likely they won't. Try to find out what title they prefer Mistress, Lady, Master, Sir, etc. Read their posts well and try to get a feel for the aspects of the scene that appeal to them.

Find a domme

These are good things to try to engage them in conversation on. If after getting to know a Dominant, you would like to speak privately with them, a polite message of, "Would you like to chat privately? If they say "no", don't whine about it. We do not pay our access to the Net just to be available whenever someone wants to hot chat. Telling a Dominant how horny you are will usually only get you laughed at. Finally, don't ask a Mistress what she is wearing. We are so sick of hearing it, that it has become a joke!

Find a domme

If that person has a true interest in being my submissive, then they can take the time to write me a request for submission. Some Dominants have a form or questionnaire that they give to potential submissives, but a sincere letter will usually suffice. It should describe your interests and desires in at least some detail "I like submission" doesn't cut itdescribe your experience in the scene, and tell why you are interested in the Dominant that you are writing to. Spelling and grammar do count.

Find a domme

There are two common mistakes here. First, writing to a Dominant who is not interested in what you are. Check their posts if in doubt. Second, sending a request for submission to every Dominant in the Western world. As I said before, we talk to one another. Be patient and wait to find one Dominant whom you think would be a good play partner and then write them a sincere letter. Be patient on a response too. Some Dominants don't bother to answer unsolicited petitions, but even those that do get a lot of mail. Don't become discouraged.

While you are being patient waiting for the right Dominant to come along learn about the scene and socialize in it if possible. Read the newsgroups and FAQ's for information.

Find a domme

If you have questions, post them. If nothing else, it will get you mail. Read scene related books and magazines, not just to look at the pictures. By going to these events you have the opportunity to meet more people in find a domme scene, or to meet someone in your area that you have talked to on-line.

People that you meet can provide good referrals and introductions to Dominants. And remember, the best things are always worth waiting for. Very truly yours, Ms. I am asked this question more than any other. At different times it makes me react in different ways. Sometimes confused: How exactly do you think that I can help you? Sometimes amused: If I knew the answer to that, I'd be rich! Sometimes sad: I'm sorry, even though you seem like a really nice person, I just can't help you. The actual answer to the question is: It's not easy and you may never find one.

That said, what is it that increases or decreases someone's chances of finding a Dominant? There are many different factors, and they vary depending on the Dominant woman, but I'll cover some of the basics. Keep in mind that some submissives actively find a domme for many years before finding a Dom with whom they are compatible. You must be willing to be persistent and patient if you really want to succeed.

These s work against you if you're a submissive, because the competition is strong for the attentions of those Dominant women who are out there. It's just like looking for a job. There may be several hundred people sending in their s, and you need yours to stand out from the crowd. Think about ways that you could make yourself attractive and interesting to a Dominant woman.

If you have no idea how, that's a that you need to get some good books and read and learn, or spend more time in a. Ask questions if you're unsure of something. Posting is also a good way to let other people see what you're like and become familiar with you. If a Dom is looking for a new submissive, do you think she'll choose a complete stranger or someone she already knows? Also, look at and postings from other submissives.

Find a domme

Think about what is good or bad in each. Try not to make the same mistakes. Put as much effort into your contacts with Dominant women as you would into a terrific. If you're writing letters, spend some time on them; rewrite them a few times. Check your spelling and grammar. Ask yourself, "If I got this would I pay any attention to it? Unless you're a professional writer, the first thing that you write is usually not going to be very good. Put some time and effort into it. I often get two line e-mails that say something like, "I am a submissive and I live in Some City.

I like blah, blah, blah. If the person can't put more effort into it than that, I feel that they couldn't have wanted my attention that badly - next candidate! You don't need to write a book but you should try to write a half- to a about yourself and what your interests are. If you're calling a Dom, sit down and write out a short list of what you want to say to her. Nothing is more boring than sitting on the phone with someone who doesn't say anything more than, "Yes, Mistress.

If you are casually meeting a Dom in person, be polite, introduce yourself, make some small talk, and then go away. Do not give her your complete"My name is Joe, I'm 34 years old, I'm a submissive, I like blah, blah, blah, blah, will find a domme play with me?

As such, they find a domme tend to gravitate toward large cities and urban areas. If you're in a rural area your chances of finding a Dominant woman near you are much smaller. This leaves you with a few options. Other large cities are also good. Cities like Washington, DC may be good or bad, since they are large, but discretion is so important there. Large cities in the Southern US can also be problematic for the same reasons.

Find a domme

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