Snapchat takeover names

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Snapchat is blowing up right now. Most users consume every post they see. Snap also announced that their average user spends minutes on the app every day. Humans only have enough time to dedicate to apps a day, and Snapchat is quickly rising to the top. To stand out on Snap, you must snapchat takeover names fun, creative, and engaging. To help get you started, here are 27 creative Snapchat campaigns from different brands to inspire your strategy!

Want to get started with Snap ? today! Taco Bell got a lot of press when they created a filter for Cinco de Mayo. The filter performed extremely well. It was viewed Million times. That works out to be 0. Not three cents. Three tenths of one cent! It paid off though. Shazam pulled out all the stops with this epic campaign. To help launch their new movie, Warner Bros. Very cool, and incredible for engagement.

X-Men did a massive takeover on May 23, to help promote the release of the new X-Men: Apocalypse movie. Every filter, for the entire day on Snapchat, was related to X-Men. Analytics have not been released yet, but if their s mirror those of Taco Bell, they would have received around 1. Star Wars utilized influencers on Snapchat to promote their new snapchat takeover names, Sphero, during the holiday season.

One of the influencers they worked with, Shaun McBride, gets 2 million Snapchat views every day. According to the Wall Street Journal, the toy sold out in a matter of hours and their campaign got 10 million views. Check out one of their stories here:. Working with influencers on Snapchat is a must. They know their followers best and can often help your brand create fun, engaging content that delivers. To promote the release of the new Terminator movie last year, a custom filter was created. Users were able to overlay the filter onto themselves or their pets. Smartly, Arnold Schwarzenegger also promoted this on Facebook.

His Facebook post about the custom Snapchat filter received 3, shares and 55, likes. Cross-promoting onto other platforms is a good way to increase your organic reach with not much extra effort. This allowed anyone in the area to post pictures and videos to that Live Story, for all to see.

Snapchat takeover names

Celebrities and audience members shared hilarious behind-the-scenes footage onto the story. And at a much cheaper production cost. Mondelez makes delectable candy bars. To increase brand awareness and sales, they created a competition on Snapchat.

Snapchat takeover names

Mondelez also showcased some of the best creations on a website. GrubHub is a cool online food ordering company. They used the image sequence below to recruit applicants to grow their company. Very creative! The World Wildlife Fund used a Snapchat campaign to raise awareness about different endangered species.

They came up with the creative LastSelfie hashtag campaign that also allowed them to promote the cause on other social platforms. Check out the video here:. DJ Khaled is a Snapchat all-star. His snaps are attracting million viewers each. His content is extremely shareable. Check out a compilation here:. To create some extra hype for their Spring Fashion Show, Burberry revealed their newest line of clothes through a series of snaps.

Snapchat takeover names

They also produced pictures and videos featuring their deers and models. They also live-snapped the actual show, piggybacking off the hype they ly created. MLS dedicated an entire week to Snapchat takeovers. So each day, MLS handed over their to a new soccer star.

The stars promoted this on their own s leading up to their turn, and then created fun, engaging content on the MLS on their day.

Snapchat takeover names

Takeovers are a great way to build your Snapchat following. Target has been using geofilters around different holiday events.

Snapchat takeover names

They target these geofilters around their physical stores to help increase brand awareness and sales. This is an easy, fun campaign idea that any brand can use to succeed on Snapchat. Chubbies Shorts is one of the most engaging brands on Snapchat and all of social media andreally.

Snapchat takeover names

They constantly make me laugh out loud. They have an ongoing Behind the Scenes type campaign going. They mix in giveaways, stop motion, jokes, pranks, and more. They show how to effectively make content fun and memorable on a consistent basis.

Check them out! Fox partnered with Snapchat to create a trio of Snapcode activations that went live during the telecast. This is the first time anything like this has ever been done. The two companies partnered directly on this project. Fox ran Snap and a custom lens leading up to the telecast, and then offered more on the day of. Take a look below…. Gilmore Girls is launching four new episodes exclusively on Netflix in a few weeks. Each cup had a snap code which would pull up the image below when scanned.

The logistics behind a campaign like this can be complicated, but there are great lessons to learn here. A snapchat takeover names with a smaller budget can still produce similar with targeted geofilters around brick and mortar locations. Budweiser, always on the cutting edge when it comes to advertising, launched a Snapchat advertising campaign for the 24 hours leading up to the Super Bowl. The Snap Ad was an actual mini-football game you could play within Snapchat, letting you run different plays using clever, on-brand names.

If you won, you unlocked an exclusive filter to use. It was a short video ad that showed a woman fall in love with a man based on a relationship of Lucky Charms.

Snapchat takeover names

Very on-brand, and very targeted placement as well. Walmart ran this campaign leading up snapchat takeover names Easter to promote its festive treats. Take a look at the fun screenshots below! If you find them and send the a snap, you can win free tickets, swag, and more. Fantastic idea! Equinox is a high-end gym with locations all over the country. Fantastic idea here. Hat tip to Ryan Hoover on Twitter for catching this one. During Super Bowl 50, Gatorade created a customized sponsored Snapchat lens aimed at football fans. The campaign performed very well, getting more than million views over Super Bowl weekend, and million total.

Netflix went all out to promote Season 2 of Stranger Things on Snapchat, starting with this epic world lens see snapchat takeover names. The latest campaign on Snapchat focused on a life-size Michael Jordan augmented-reality lens promoting the new, unreleased Air Jordan III Tinker sneakers, which went on sale exclusively via a special QR code within the app.

When the user scanned the snapcode or used the filter, they were taken to the e-commerce experience below, within the Snapchat app. They were able to fully purchase the shoes and checkout inside of Snapchat. How did the campaign perform? The sneakers sold out in 23 minutes. The special world lens averaged more than 80 seconds of play time per user, compared with a national average play time of 15 to 20 seconds for sponsored lenses.

Nike sponsored its first shoppable Snapchat Lens for apparel as part of its campaign around the U. It also let them tap their phone screens to virtually try on the jerseys and visit the Nike website, where they could buy authentic team merchandise ahead of the tournament. Pretty awesome. Not to be outdone by Nike, Adidas just partnered with Snapchat to create the first ever shoppable game within the app. Each have their own shoes you can buy in the game. What an amazing campaign. Dior partnered with Snapchat to create an AR campaign promoting a new collaborative collection with Rimowa luggage.

Check out one of the preview shots below. Very cool. Have any questions? Tweet me! Want custom Snapchat geofilters for your company? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon! November 17, Last updated: November 17, Stranger Things Snapchat code. Image courtesy of Adweek.

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Snapchat takeover names

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