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Forum Rules. Member. Remember Me? 1 to 19 of Thread: Bi Cuckold. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Dec 27,PM 1. Bi Bi cuckold forum I've been bi all my life. I'm married now to a woman who gets turned on by my sucking cock. We've had a of guys over for me to suck off and the last one became a regular for 4 months. My wife got to liking the guy as a friend. But, sadly he had to move away for work.

Since then, my wife has let me know she would like to have had him us in bed. Her hottest fantasy is to have me lick her pussy and his cock at the same time while his cock is deep in her pussy. I must admit, pleasing her this way really sets me on fire. However, we have not yet found the right guy to do this with. Have many guys or gals on this forum had this MFM experience? I know there are special websites for cuckolds but it is interesting how interests of the bi and cuckold overlap in some areas.

Reply With Quote. Dec 27,PM 2. We would 69 as she was getting fucked. That was our favorite thing to do. The orgasms are out of this world. Dec 27,PM 3. Re: Bi Cuckold I think I would have been a good cuckold husband. The wife just wasn't that way.

She would not allow me to go without participating. I have enjoyed three ways. I agree that 69 with her on top is a good position.

Bi cuckold forum

You have access to her clit and pussy as well as the underside of his cock and balls. Whether he cums in her or pulls outit is gravity feed for his seed into my mouth. Dec 27,PM 4. Re: Bi Cuckold I actually lost my virginity in an mfm threesome and have done this. Dec 27,PM 5. Re: Bi Cuckold I have been with a few couples that have enjoyed the cuck side of things.

I can tell you that I did enjoy feeling my cock sliding out of her pussy and then into his mouth, then back into the pussy. Watching the guy eating the creampie made me cum again bi cuckold forum time directly into his mouth. I'm definitely looking for a couple to enjoy that with again! Dec 28,AM 6. Re: Bi Cuckold. Dec 29,AM 7.

Re: Bi Cuckold Great fun you need to experience! The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.

Bi cuckold forum

Dec 29,AM 8. Re: Bi Cuckold Don't think this would classify me as being a cuckold, but as a young man I lived with an older married couple. The husband bi cuckold forum bi-bottom; his wife was not bi, but got the majority of the attention. It was a fantastic 13 months and ended only when Uncle Sam transferred them. That was my only foray into that realm, but one of the most exciting things I've ever been a party to.

Dec 30,AM 9. Originally Posted by Realist. Don't think this would classify me as being a cuckold, but as a young man I lived with an older married couple. Dec 30,AM It lasted about two years. I would call him and clean up the house while my X got all sexy.

We would hit the hottub, then the bed. I would watch and in. A few times sucked his cock. It lit my fire. I look for a woman ,that would want a serious relationship with a guy ,that likes oral bi. She can have all the men she wants and I would enjoy doing oral on them. If I find her and we hit it off, I would marry her.

Dec 30,PM Jus so ya kno Do not think so little of me as to grant me your tolerance.

Bi cuckold forum

Allow me your acceptance and understanding of who and what I am with the love, respect and dignity with which I do you. Dec 31,AM Originally Posted by darkeyes. Originally Posted by mannysg. When it doesn't include the guy's approval, then it isn't nice. It is grounds for divorce. I suspect that without approval is probably more common then with approval. There are many guys who are faithful and enjoy sharing their wife. If I were given the choice of 1-me having sex with someone else M or F2- having a foursome with my wife and another couple, or 3-watching her have sex with another guy and see him making her orgasm, I would choose 3.

There are thousands, if not millions, of guys who would make the same choice as me. Last edited by mannysg; Dec 31, at AM. There is no reason for insulting comments like that. The definition you provided above gives no reference to approval or disapproval.

However, I did find this at Merriam-Webster: A cuckold, by definition, may or may not approve, but to be more accurate if he approves then he is a "Wittol". Dec 31,PM Re: Bi Cuckold my gf kim and i love to do this. Re: Bi Cuckold We must say this is a regular thing for us now. We have been playing with one hot male friend for about 9 months now and we have to say it is an incredible experience each time Have fun and good luck! Happy New Year wen it cums sweetie. Last edited by mannysg; Dec 31, at PM. Jun 14,PM Re: Bi Cuckold My GF of many years loves to watch me on my knees with her date's dick in my mouth as I suck all his sperm from his balls, open my mouth so she can see his seed in my mouth, then I proceed to swallow all his bi cuckold forum.

She usually masturbates or kisses him as I make him cum, then they go on their date. When she gets home, I get to eat his cum again from her pussy, or if she's in a naughty mood, she feeds me from his used condom! We've been doing this for some time, as she really gets turned on by it, and regardless we bi cuckold forum are quite satisfied!

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Bi cuckold forum

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