Enema foreplay

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User Name Remember Me? Password Forgot Password? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Today's Posts Search Help. Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to Just curious if anyone else finds enemas to be a turn on. If I'm going to get fucked, I want to be empty and clean so an enema is a necessity- I have enema foreplay colitis and tend to have soft stools. I find that most men don't really want to be involved with the "prep work.

I like to suck his cock while he slowly releases the water and the men who do this for me must find it stimulating because generally they shoot a big load during the process. This might sound counterproductive to a good fucking but the elapsed time from the initial filling and emptying- and repeating, if necessary- and showering is ample for recovery in most cases. The visual stimulation provided by the insertions and ass play affords a preview of cumming attractions which carries over. I'm not into scat personally.

And although most men don't want surprises when they're fucking someone, they seem to assume that their partner has "taken care" of any potential problem. Is giving an enema considered distasteful or "dirty" to most or am I misreading the "hole" situation? Well dude, I find most guys don't want to be reminded that they are sticking their pole into a man's waste disposal hole. It's only polite to clean it well enough to eat off it even and smell sweet. That way they will enjoy servicing you.

Only guys who find enemas to be a turn-on would be those masters disciplining their slaves where cleaning out their property before using it is considered fun. Assuming it's clean is usually a given for me. I always hope that the guy I'm going enema foreplay fuck has already taken care of that. It's not distasteful so to speak to enjoy the enema as foreplay, but you should definitely let the guy know that that's part of the deal. I for one would be a little put off to show up and be asked to do that first.

Actually, I'd probably just leave, but, enema foreplay because I have judgements about it, but because it's usually just a given. When I make connections online with bottoms, most say they need time to get ready and then come by.

Enema foreplay

Maybe you should ask if they want to be part of that before they get there. I find giving enemas to be very erotic. Enema foreplay get very hard when giving them. I have no problem with a guy not being cleaned out before sex because I love doing it to him. There are a numger of guys out there who find giving enemas erotic. And there are also a lot of guys who want nothing to do with giving enemas. Enemas can be extremely hot foreplay if both parties enjoy it. Do some searchingI think you'll find some guys who enjoy giving you enemas as part of foreplay.

It sounds like you've already found some. Since this isn't something that appeals to me and consequently I have no experience with enemas for sexual stimulation, I left this post to the experts out there. But I'm a bit confused. It was always my understanding that men who enjoy enemas use them with an empty colon.

He may jerk off, suck dick, whatever -- the added pressure on the prostate and feeling of fullness is supposed to be where the thrill comes in. Unless a guy is into scat, or doesn't mind having the potential for messy leakage, or even cramping and a mad dash out of the tub to the toilet for evacuation This is a fairly serious way to "play doctor," I guess.

After an enema, it's quite likely that there will be dripping for quite a while after. Which is why I thought it was "proper" to clean out first, alone and in private, THEN enjoy your second enema with added sexual stimulation from your willing partner later. Amazingly, this is one fetish for lack of a better word that no one has ever asked me to indulge for them. Which is fine -- I enema foreplay be into it anyway -- it's just weird that I've heard just about everything, but not this. I agree that if you don't know what the other party expects it is best to be cleanedout ahead of time but I would discuss this with the other guy ahead of time to find out what he expects.

There are guys out there like me who also enjoy getting enemas when they're bowels are full.

Enema foreplay

There are guys out there who are into enemas, who don't mind giving enemas to a guy who's full and find the whole thing erotic. There are guys like me who find giving enemas to be enema foreplay. Well I am in my 50s and discovered in my late 40s that enemas are quite erotic.

I didn't have anal with a man until my 40s and finally ran across a guy who just had to flush me out before he rimmed and fucked me. I was scared at first and then get excitement from the feeling of the cool water rushing up my bowels. He also ensisted on watching me expell which enema foreplay not as much of a turn-on for me.

My dick went soft while that was happening. He grabbed a giant ball of vaseline and then rolled his fingers and thumbs in and out of my hole. I didn't even realize how receptive I had become until he inserted his cock in me. Until that point I had no idea how big a hole could get. But he told me later he had three fingers in me for the last 5 minutes of the massage.

Enemas or Not I could say neither 'yes' nor 'no', if asked theorethically. I would expect the bttm dude to clean himself out before we meet for the first time. More likely for the first few times. I find the whole matter to be too intimate to be shared at first with someone you barely know. If a relationship of some kind develops like in having a buddyI would love to be around and enjoy the foreplay, clean or dirty, no matter.

Enema foreplay

This may sound twisted, but most guys, I have messed around with, need time to gain the level of confidence and intimacy needed for both or all of us involved to start performing basic body functions without really feeling awkward about it. Sensual Guy. I, for one, would not be able to handle that kind of foreplay. When I want to be fucked, I take care of that alone before I meet the guy.

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Enema foreplay

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Enema Foreplay