Ice sex toy

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DIY sex toys may sound a bit on the cheap side and well, to be honest, it is! You see, not everyone has the budget for good, quality sex toys. Moreover, many of ice sex toy simply get horny and start looking for things around the house we can use to get ourselves off.

I am going to show you how to make an ice dildo in 6 easy steps using things you likely already have around the house. Plus, I am going to take it a few steps further and show you how to create textured and larger ice dildos. If you just stumbled across this blog post by chance, you are probably wondering why make an ice dildo?

Well, ice dildos are all about temperature play, something many people enjoy. Finally, temperature play is a way to electrify your senses, especially when using a blindfold. From a Refinery 29 article on temperature play, we found this:. Making an ice dildo is easy to do ice sex toy will provide you and your lover with hours of stimulating fun without the huge mess ice cubes can create. Plus, you can get creative with our extra tips below. Using your scissors, cut down the side of the cardboard tube, lengthwise.

Then, position the tube to your desired girth and tape the cut closed. Next, unroll the condom and place it into the tube, leaving a couple of inches at the top. Carefully fold the top of the condom over the opening of the tube. You may have to reshape the tube with your hands a bit if the condom smashes the cardboard tube. Carefully fill the condom with water using a pitcher or the tap. Go slowly as not to overfill and cause the cardboard to get wet.

The more water you add, the more the condom stretches lengthwise. Next, place your mold into the freezer, standing upright. It should take a few hours for your ice dildo to be frozen solid depending on your freezer and how much food is inside. My freezer had quite a bit in it so my ice dildos took about 4 hours to freeze solid. Once the ice dildo is frozen solid, pull the excess condom from the top and tie it into a knot, as you would tie a balloon. Then, remove the tape from your cardboard mold and pull out your DIY ice dildo!

I was able to pull mine right out without cutting the tape. When making your DIY ice dildo, it should come out smooth and phallic shaped — perfect for teasing the body from head to toe as well as icy cool vaginal penetration. But, if you want to add some additional sensation to your ice dildo, try these tips to add texture. Simply cut the bottom from the bottle and cover the edges with duct tape.

Ice sex toy

Then, follow the instructions above. For this one, I used a notebook cover and pipe cleaners — which I glued to the cardboard using a hot glue gun — and a Magnum condom. I tried covering the inside of a tube with bubble wrap to see if I could create texture. I even used a Magnum condom, which is larger in length and girth. However, the ice dildo came out smooth. While having sex, admittedly, size does matter. Some of us are fine with average sized dildos.

However, when you are dealing with the decreased sensation that ice can provide, a large dildo may be wanted. Therefore, here are some ice dildo tweaks to give you that icy monster dong you crave. For this big boy, I used a soda bottle. Cover the rough edges with duct tape. Next, carefully and slowly stretch the condom over the opening — I used a Magnum condom to get more girth. Then freeze the dildo hours. When the dildo is frozen, tie the top and carefully use scissors or cut the bottle half way down and ice sex toy dildo will come out easily. Alright, along comes mom to ruin all the fun with cautions you need to heed when using an ice dildo.

Never use an ice dildo in the anus. And since anal sex is about relaxation and training, you could become injured if you cannot feel that pain. Plus, without a wide base, an ice dildo can easily slip past the anal sphincter and get pulled up and inside the colon — meaning an embarrassing trip to the ER.

Prepare to get wet. As the ice melts, the condom will get wet with condensation plus a really amazing-feeling effect. And, the top of the ice dildo may leak as it melts. Therefore, be prepared by laying down towels, using a waterproof mattress pad, doggy wee wee p or playing in the tub or shower. The first thing I noticed is how the condom slid back and forth on the ice sex toy as it melted, kinda like a penis. My boyfriend and I teased each other from head to toe. But the best part was when my boyfriend used the ice dildo on me and would alternate with his penis.

That was amazing! Jay and his wife used the glow-in-the-dark ice dildo and this is what he had to say about their wild night:. I used the ice dildo starting at her neck and trailed it down her body. I teased her nipples, her belly, that little dent on the insides of her thighs, her legs and toes. She wiggled and squirmed but was going wild. I rubbed her clit with the dildo, then would slide it in and out while I gave her oral. She was begging me to get inside her! The wetness just added to the turn-on factor.

In the end, a fun, DIY sex toy can add excitement and a whole new dimension to sex.

Ice sex toy

So, have some fun with adult arts and crafts then write in and tell me how it went! We welcome your comments and feedback. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mission: To be your go to source for sextoy reviews, written by people just like you. Affiliate disclosure: Bedbible is reader-supported.

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Ice sex toy

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Ice sex toy

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Ice sex toy

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