Men pantyhose fetish

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Sep Posted by drmarkgriffiths. At the age of about 14 or 15 [years] I started wearing pantyhose and masturbating with them. At the time I was ashamed to tell my girlfriend at the time about it. I continued this up until about 19 or 20, when I finally had a girlfriend who I told about my fetish. I thought that by sharing this with my ificant other at the time that it would help but it did not. I would just want it more and more. Now I am in a long-term relationship with a woman that I love. I have told her about my fetish and how I masturbate with her pantyhose and she said that she did not have a problem with it.

She wears pantyhose for me rather frequently because she men pantyhose fetish that I really like them…My obsession has really intensified to the point that I am doing more to achieve a stronger orgasm…I really feel like my fetish is out of control. Marie Hartwell-Walker. The few online articles concerning pantyhose fetishism make similar claims although empirical evidence for such claims are generally lacking. An article on the Kinkly website claims individuals with a pantyhose fetish most commonly become sexually aroused by wearing pantyhose, watching other people wear or undress wearing pantyhose, or both.

As far as I am aware, only one paper solely devoted to pantyhose fetishism has ever been published in the psychological literature. This was a paper written from a psychodynamic perspective by Dr. Lothstein in the journal Gender and Psychoanalysis.

The paper claims the pantyhose served a of different functions such as the repairing of psychic structure, and an expression men pantyhose fetish defence against underlying aggression. It then goes on to claim:. Others find arousal in sniffing the sour and pungent smell of soles made by excessive sweat when in pantyhose.

Foot-jobs can be very intense and stimulating and covering a woman in pantyhose in semen is a common fantasy with some men. The same article also lists a of reasons why females wear pantyhose and then claims that these reasons as to why women wear pantyhose provides possible reasons for the allure of pantyhose fetishism:. Although I mentioned above I only knew of one academic paper on pantyhose fetishism, there are a few academic writings that have mentioned it in passing.

Marshall reported the treatment of two male paedophiles with satiation therapy, one of who was also a pantyhose fetishist but no detail was given on this aspect of their sexual behaviour except he was also a shoe fetishist. A paper by Dr. Finally, in a book chapter on themes of sadomasochism self-expression by Dr. Charles Moser and Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz, they used the example of pantyhose to define and explain what fetishes are:. They find wearing or touching the preferred articles highly arousing.

For example, pantyhose can be a fetish object, but brand new pairs, never worn, rarely become a focus of erotic interest. The same pantyhose worn by the participant or a partner can elicit a strong erotic response. Again, this simply confirms that pantyhose fetishes exist or theoretically exist but there is no information on incidence, prevalence, or their psychosocial impact. I did come across one online written by someone who confesses to being a pantyhose fetishist on the Act Sensuous blog site, and which I found a lot more enlightening that anything academic that I have read on the topic:.

I did find one thing I expected — that the foot fetish is still No. Suffice it to say that pantyhose are high up there somewhere.

Men pantyhose fetish

Pantyhose possess enormous power, yet, by de, they are extremely delicate and feminine, causing an irresistible vulnerability for the wearer. You can physically manipulate that lifeforce, and you have to be careful not to hurt it. Once on, any item of clothing a person wears, sort of disappears.

You stop feeling it on your body. Want your lover to feel what you feel when you caress her legs in pantyhose?

Men pantyhose fetish

All it takes is to move that delicate nylon fabric over her skin. Maybe we will never know how common pantyhose fetish is but there appears to be a lot of anecdotal evidence that it exists, is male-dominated, and that there is some crossover with other more empirically established fetishes such as foot fetishes. The Act Sensuous Blog What drives our pantyhose fetish?

April Kinkly Pantyhose fetish. Lothstein, L. Pantyhose fetishism and self cohesion: A Paraphilic Solution? Gender and Psychoanalysis2 1 Lowenstein, L. Fetishes and their associated behaviour. Sexuality and Disability20, Moser, C. Themes of SM expression. Hampshire, UK: MacMillan. Scorolli, C. Relative prevalence of different fetishes. International Journal of Impotence Research, 19, Underwear fetishism.

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Men pantyhose fetish

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Men pantyhose fetish

Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Welcome to my blog! Blog at WordPress. Home About Dr Mark Griffiths. Rush hour: Can you be addicted to adrenaline? Getting a leg up: A brief look at pantyhose fetishism Sep Wearing of pantyhose by either or both partners during sexual activity.

Men pantyhose fetish

A male wearing pantyhose alone or in front of others who may praise or humiliate him. Using pantyhose as bondage restraints. Interacting with pantyhose in any other way or form during sexual activity. Viewing material from store catalogues to pornography of models and actors wearing pantyhose. Wearing pantyhose with other specific garments, e. Certain styles e. Simply admiring women who wear pantyhose a mild form of voyeurism. Finding the wearing of them to be a primarily sensual comforting experience, rather than sexual.

Men pantyhose fetish

The reflectiveness of the material, coupled with the way they appear less transparent at the edges, often gives legs more contrast and definition, as though lit by dramatic lighting.

Men pantyhose fetish

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Why So Many Guys Get HIGHLY Aroused By Feet And Women In Pantyhose