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An antegrade continence enema is a different way to give an enema. Enemas can help someone poop if they become constipated or have another problem moving their bowels. The most common type of enema EN-eh-muh puts liquid directly into the enema chat, the last part of the large intestine, to help release poop. It's simple to do and does not involve any kind of surgery. But because these start at the end of the large intestine also called the colon or bowel rather than the beginning, they work backward from how we move our bowels naturally. Usually, poop or feces or stool moves from the start of the large intestine, through the rectum, and out enema chat the body via the anus.

An antegrade which means "forward moving" continence enema starts at the beginning of the large intestine, so poop moves out of the body more normally. In children, an antegrade continence enema can treat fecal incontinence that happens because of serious health problems. Fecal incontinence is when can't control his or her bowels. This doesn't just mean pooping accidents — most kids with fecal incontinence have severe constipation.

Less-invasive treatments work for most kids, such as dietary changes, laxatives, suppositories, and traditional enemas. An ACE is helpful for kids who need long-term enema therapy. It lets them control their enemas through a tube that passes through the abdominal belly wall.

Appendicostomy ah-pen-di-KOSS-tuh-mee surgery makes a path from the belly button into the large intestine colon. In this procedure, a surgeon creates a hole or ostomy in the skin of the belly that connects to the appendix and le to the colon. The appendix is a small, finger-like tube attached to the cecum SEE-kum. The cecum is the first part of the colon. An appendicostomy lets the enema liquid go in here, instead of through the rectum. For a cecostomy see-KOSS-tuh-meea surgeon creates a hole ostomy in the skin of the belly that opens directly into the cecum, the first part of the colon.

The surgeon places a tube into the hole called a cecostomy tube, C-tube, or Chait tube. The cecostomy tube lets poop be flushed quickly and completely out of the large intestine. The enema fluid goes into a bag, then travels through tubing into the cecostomy. From the cecostomy tube, the fluid passes into the cecum. This encourages a bowel movement BM. Parents usually begin helping kids use their ACE at home about 1 week after the cecostomy.

A team of specialists that includes a pediatric surgeon usually treats children who have trouble pooping or poop accidents. Working with an experienced surgeon is important because slight differences in how the surgery is done can make a big difference in how well the ACE works. The pediatric surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits of an appendicostomy, cecostomy, enema chat other options. Together, you'll decide which is best is best based on your child's age, activities, and health problems. You'll a consent permission form. The surgery team will talk to you about:. Most appendicostomies are done using two or three small cuts and a tiny camera laparoscopy.

The surgeon typically:. If your child's appendix was removed or isn't long enough, the surgeon will make a tube from a piece of your child's colon.

Enema chat

The surgeon usually removes the tube about 2 weeks after the surgery and replaces it with a stopper. Doctors usually use one or more of these minimally invasive techniques to create a cecostomy:. You may stay in the preparation pre-op area until the team moves your child to the operating room. You'll move to a waiting area during the surgery, then your child in the recovery area after it's done. Cecostomy surgery usually takes less than an hour. Appendicostomy surgery usually takes about 2 hours. Any surgery can cause unexpected bleeding or infection.

Rarely, these problems may be life-threatening. Fixing some problems may mean doing another surgery. Fecal incontinence, no matter the cause, is upsetting for. It affects their quality of life and can be embarrassing, especially if has poop accidents. This can make kids feel isolated and alone, and lead to depressionenema chat problems, and trouble at school.

Enema chat

Soiling also can make kids an easy target for bullies. An ACE can help end fecal incontinence. But because kids who have one don't poop the way other kids do, emotional issues can still happen. Help your child focus on the benefits of the ACE, such as:.

Enema chat

Taking care of your child's ACE can feel like a challenge. But you don't have to go it alone. Your child's care team has answers and can connect you with resources. Reviewed by: Elizabeth P. Larger text size Large text size Regular text size.

Enema chat

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