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It is the apocalypse and yes, if it were real, atrocious sexual acts would be committed against men and woman. I fail to see how sexual harassment and rape is so necessary rape rp RP that you would risk distressing members of the community to allow others to fulfil their twisted fantasies. The woman of this rape rp and some men are not playthings to be humiliated, degraded, paraded around, called whores, made sex slaves and forced or pressured into RP of a sexual nature. I find it disturbing that there are people in this community who are so eager and willing to engage in this type of RP, exploiting the rules to take all control away from victims, leaving them no choice but to be subject of unwanted sexual behaviour.

In real life, there are countless situations where girls have been brutally raped without saying no or fighting back. There are physical and psychological reasons for this. Many people in real life situations are left unable to react due to fear or shock. They may be in a coercive or controlling relationship with their rapist, or they may be too young to give consent. But in reality, it is far more complicated than that. Another thing to keep in mind is that while permission must still be asked to power game a character, the events leading up to the request and the request itself can still be distressing and of a sexual nature.

The rules give people who want to indulge in rape and other sexual RP permission to attempt to seek out victims. Putting the burden on the victim of sexual abuse to end the situation is in my opinion, is a rather disgusting stance to have. I understand that it is a game, but the emotion and psychology of peoples actions is not all too dissimilar to real life in my opinion. While everyone may have triggers based on their real life experiences, this is not a valid argument in my opinion. However, rape and sexual assault is something that has most likely affected each one of us in some way.

Most women here will have had to deal with unwanted sexual attention, and its not always as simple as saying no to make it stop. Unlike torture, its easy to imagine the feel of someone holding you down and forcing themselves upon you. As there is no way to verify age on this server, how can the rules possibly allow content of a sexual nature? Inciting minors to engage in sexual activity would violate laws in most of the world.

Asking someone to ERP without making reasonable efforts to ensure that they are legally of age to consent risks violating criminal law. Allowing sexual RP in the rules may result in children either observing or participating is something that they should not be exposed to. Whether from a legal or moral standpoint, how can this be permitted on the server? Is allowing people to indulge in rape RP really such an essential part of role play that it should be allowed to continue, regardless of the distress and divide it causes in this community?

Was the quality of RP any less when there were rules against sexual, racist and homophobic RP? Enough is enough. This is a game. We are here to have fun. Please change the rules to protect us. It has no place in this community. It went from something that was bannable into something that I've seen and heard of more and more often on this server and have been given the OK.

Its frankly disgusting. Permissions or not, its wrong and shouldn't be here. This is called power gaming. If this happens to you in-game just report it. I'm not really one for rape rp ERP in-game, and I'm glad when consensual people take it to DMs in order to roleplay it out.

Like mystery said if they force it on you without your permission it's power-gaming and a bannable offense. Nobody can force sexual rp rape rp you. That doesn't change that I find Rape RP completely disgusting and dehumanizing.

Rape rp

But to get back on point, a rule is there. You can murder people and torture people on this server so why would you not eb able to be sexual. When giving hostile rp you should consider if it is enjoyable for the people you are being hostile to. I feel like Rape RP ruins the experience and no enjoyment comes from it.

Look, I'm sorry to say this but rape can progress RP. Fade in and Fade out. If you want to RP a rape victim thats fine, be respectful of the actually tragic events so many people go though and not joke around and RP this. You can go around and have this effect your character but to ask to Rape a vharavter then Emote it all is just distasteful. My opinion. How the fuck can you look at yourself knowing you just text RP or demoted raping someone.

Lile Holy shit its just wrong. Rape can progress RP if it is used as a background to rape rp character but do this. Now the encounter js done, both party's are ok with it and the character was 'raped'. Now y'all RP as if something actually happened.

Rape rp

This is my main gripe with anything remotely sexual we may see on our servers. Until an age limit is introduced again, if at all possible, which I seriously doubtI would support a rule stating that ERP is to be kept private and off the server. The setting we are in is mature and we should be able to portray the lowest of the low any human can reach, debauchery, torture, perjury, murder, tits and all, but we have to consider real-life implication first and foremost.

Yeah, I find it paradoxical that we're allowing minors onto rape rp server now, but we still allow rape. There is a disconnect with torturing people, considering most of us have never even seen somebody get tortured. The furthest it should go is being an agreed upon event that was not roleplayed out. Obviously, people who do want to RP it can do so in third party platforms but I think it should strictly stay off of the server itself.

I don't see why anyone would like to erp in-game AT ALL but i'm not going to force everyone else to abide by what i want in roleplay.

Rape rp

And how do you decide when it's normal erp and when it's rapeRP? Also I never took part in Rape RP myself, I just dont see a real reason to change rules just because you don't feel "comfortable" with this thing. Roland what is you doin? Years we go with age limit and now you change it? Exactly, im all for the right and power to do what you want. But keep it away from this server. We have minors and people who have actually experienced real sexual assault.

If You want to have it as part of rape rp characters story, thats fine, be respectful. But don't ERP it. I personally excused myself at work to get a cheeky 5 minutes to right this because this is a strong view I have. I have been here for 4 years 3 months, I have seen the ups and downs of this server. From the amount of reports I have read and situations I have heard where people are more than happy to emote this, genuinely sickens me.

I get it, people have fetishes. Granted there was rape RP but never emoted unless done in steam between two conseual adults. But this is a red flag. We have no age restriction and children ing our server. This is rape rp a good example to follow or lead by. The amount of Rape Roleplay brought onto our servers at this chrrent time is very concerning to me. Though an act of dominance, it seems like it is a only resort situation when it is not. People who play on pur servers who may be victims of this crime need to feel safe in their own homes, not a flashback of this.

And I HATE how it has come to this, a discussion, because of the excess amount of raping going on in game. There is torture, there is beating someone, there is other ways of mentally or emotionally torturing someone. Especially when you as the individual emotes what exactly you do. It happens in films and tv shows. Either the individuals RP on a different platform aka steam, discord or whatever but keep off our servers. If permission is asked, and they say know, switch to beating or torturing. There is rape rp restriction on this community and if anyone decides to trick their way into here without being of the right age how is that.

Like maybe my morals are just way to high, but for god's sake. Please if anything don't allow this anymore. I was there when hardly anything was allowed RP wise, but now after seeing some of the screenshots of what has been said to people even if its just ooc perms. Its out of control, it seems in most cases people are doing it for the sake of being the most edgy person on the server. Honestly sick of it, we have no age restriction. I get its the internet and its the last place where people don't really have to worry about being "PC" but this is far past the line.

Rape rp

It's cringey as fuck and honestly a little depressing when I see people doing that. It's like But hey that's just my opinion. If rape rp anyone here that wants to defend Rape RP please explain to me why rape rp think it should stay because I really can't think of a reason other than "It's really funny and I get to make memes about it with my boyz in discord lmao" that would be given.

People are told to keep it to steam and have been for years, why the sudden change? It should stay off the server. As ScarletRose has said, if the person is underage for the conduct and is being incited into carrying it out that in itself isn't legal. This type of conduct cannot be on the servers because of the severity it could bring to individuals and the community. It's a serious issue. If there's anyone out there that unironically does it to "further RP" or whatever, then go further it on steam.

Doesn't need to happen on the servers and if anyone is adamant that it does then that just makes me think i'm right and you only want it to stay for the meme. Followers 0.

Rape rp

Ban Rape RP members have voted You do not have permission to vote in this poll, or see the poll. Please in or register rape rp vote in this poll. Recommended Posts. Popular Post. ScarletRose Posted March 28, Posted March 28, edited. Below are some points I feel are worthy of consideration: Saying No: In real life, there are countless situations where girls have been brutally raped without saying no or fighting back.

Comparing rape and torture: While everyone may have triggers based on their real life experiences, this is not a valid argument in my opinion. Age: As there is no way to verify age on this server, how can the rules possibly allow content of a sexual nature?

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Rape rp

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