Female slave looking for master

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This photo of Keith Raniere was submitted as evidence in his federal trial. Department of Justice. This photo of Nancy Salzman was submitted as evidence in the federal trial of Keith Raniere. This photo of Clare Bronfman was submitted as evidence in the federal trial of Keith Raniere. This photo of Allison Mack was submitted as evidence in the federal trial of Keith Raniere. This photo of Keith Raniere's Halfmoon home was submitted as evidence in his federal trial. This photo of Dr. Danielle Roberts was submitted as evidence in the federal trial of Keith Raniere.

District Court in Brooklyn. As the stranger performed oral sex on her, the woman said Raniere circled her asking invasive questions — such as whether she had been with multiple sexual partners. When it was over and she was driven back to Raniere's townhouse in Halfmoon, she testified, Raniere wanted her to acknowledge that "nothing bad happened" and that she was a single woman who was allowed to have sexual experiences.

Female slave looking for master

The witness said she asked Raniere if she could leave and go back to the home of her "master" Allison Mack, who had arranged the meet-up with Raniere. The woman, whose testimony began Thursday, took the stand near the end of the fifth week in the trial of Raniere, 58, the purported self-help guru of NXIVM known within the organization as "Vanguard. On Friday, the thin, dark-haired actress testified as her parents watched from the gallery. She was branded with a symbol she was told stood for elements of nature. It was Raniere's initials. The branding took place in Mack's home where other slaves, including India Oxenberg daughter of television actress Catherine Oxenberg and Danielle Roberts, a doctor who later conducted the branding, were also branded along with a third slave.

She said she became exhausted by having to commute to Albany from Brooklyn to attend weekly "church" meetings at Mack's house where she and three other "slaves" posed naked for "family photos" that she learned were sent to Raniere.

Later, she said she and the women spent a day hiking in the Berkshires for a supposed woman's getaway. Mack later ordered them to line up and have their genitals photographed up close. How is it empowering to make us take off our clothes and send it to a man? When she read she had been identified as one of Raniere's slaves in a publication, it prompted her to finally leave.

Female slave looking for master

She said she sent s to Mack and Mack's other slaves explaining she was leaving — to take control of her life again. Mack asked her to come to Albany to say goodbye in person, which she did. Over two hours, Mack and the three slaves hounded her to stay and guilted her. But she left -- and ended up saying goodbye to Raniere later that night. She said she would not. She said she would pay it back. She said her relationship with Mack was "abusive" -- Mack would tell her at times she loved her and then order horrific demands. She said she gave Mack "collateral" — damaging and false allegations against her loved ones, including untrue claims that her father had molested her — that she was told could be released if she were ever to leave the group.

The woman said Mack later informed her that she needed to obey her commands or risk having her collateral released. The commitment was lifelong — with no way out, Mack told her.

Female slave looking for master

She testified that Mack gave her asments, including an initial one to reach out to Raniere. In Aprilshe said Mack was impatient about her failed attempts to connect with Raniere, who was not returning her s. Mack told the woman that if she could not reach Raniere by 3 a. The woman said she inadvertently saw Raniere outside Mack's home one day and decided to walk out and introduce herself to him. At Raniere's suggestion, they went on a walk — something she said Raniere told her she had "earned.

Raniere told her about his relationship with Pamela Cafritz, a NXIVM leader who died of cancer inbut added that he had many other partners. When it began to rain and they parted, Raniere told her it had been their "first date" — a remark that left the woman "shellshocked," she said. The woman said Mack later ased her to reach out to Raniere and tell him she would do whatever he asked of her. She said Raniere took her on another walk.

This time, female slave looking for master asked her to tell him the worst thing someone might ask her to do. She said she first thought it would have to be something sexual. The more she considered it, she said, Raniere's question terrified her — someone could ask her to jump off a roof, or hurt or even kill someone — including herself. Raniere told her to go back and ask him the same request when she meant it, she said. She said she reported back to Mack, who told her, "OK — so you'll go back out tomorrow. The next morning, in the early hours of May 31,the woman said she met Raniere outside and told him, "I will do anything you ask me to do.

Raniere took her hand and led her to his home on Flintlock Lane. He asked her to disrobe and commented about her body. She told him she had been ordered by Mack to be celibate for three months. Raniere blindfolded her, then asked her to put her clothes back on. He took her hand and walked her to a car, and drove her to a house some 10 minutes away. They exited the car, walked through what seemed like woods and ended up at a home that appeared to be a cabin.

Then she felt someone performing oral sex on her, and initially assumed it was Raniere. Attorney Moira Penza.

Female slave looking for master

She did not know the name of the woman who performed oral sex on her. Prosecutors say it was a year-old woman from Mexico who had allegedly been having sex with Raniere since she was The witness subsequently had sex with Raniere. She made it clear she did not seek or want any romantic relationship with him.

Department of Justice TCarby, U. The video was submitted as evidence in the federal trial of Raniere. Government exhibit.

Female slave looking for master

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Female slave looking for master

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