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I have heard that there is a market for selling used panties, is this something you guys have heard about or use? If so can you recommend a good site? This is a practice that goes back eons in human behavior and is not an exclusive among the male gender.

Used panties forum

Animals including homo sapiens are very receptive to scents which includes pheromones used panties forum have very pronounced effects which any to have pets may have noticed at times. This effect is less so with "modern" humans than in the past, especially among those more urbanized as the stimulus that both drove and excited man since primordial times has been muted due to environmental conditions like not having to worry about a saber tooth tiger having one for lunch.

The senses may be muted though still exist as they have been ingrained for untold millennia and do lie below the surface so to say and there are individuals that are much more sensitive to this stimulus, both in the urban and especially in more primitive cultures. Used and worn panties along with other intimate articles have been an attractant to a certain of folks for centuries.

The most of these are men though women have and do indulge also. These include sealed plastic baggies held at controlled temperatures as to preserve as much scent as possible. Movies and TV scripts have used this theme, usually in a "who done it" context though I'm used panties forum the porn industry has done so too. Trust me here, such does quite exist.

This is a stocking site. Points taken. This is that which technically should be in another category. One other hands, this portal has been used times past for posting other technically unrelated subject matter and to split hairs, panties could be considered related as lingerie and stockings do hold hands. No offence Annabel though had your question been posed with softer phrasing, acceptance probably would have been more receptive.

What is done is, the question has been addressed as well as the fallout. No doubt something of the nature shall occur again and being a group with wide view points we should take off topics with a grain of salt and suggest gentle direction to a proper place. I'll ask simply: who here has not made a mistake? A tad to add on the now recognized topic. There are those that by obtaining something with a provenance whether real or perceived holds considerable value. This is well known among antique collectors and particularly with art.

When dealing with the particular topic here, those receptive are prone to become excited at the very idea that someone may have had some intimate contact with what many may consider an intimate item. This is another elated to primordial humanoid behavior that still has an effect to more than a few. This also affects all sexes though generally is more of a "guy" gig. Particularly with fellows the mere idea that an item was worn or even in possession by someone in this case say a woman has potential to conger up all manners of fantasies, even should there be no conclusive proof of the history.

Just the conceptual idea holds mystique and excitement as after all, men are generally much more easily aroused than women. And welcome to SHQ. Not sure of your meaning tongue in cheek perhaps? Allow elaboration if you will. Folks have been well known to spend huge amounts to attain antiques and "works" of art. Again, whether real authenticated or not. Music he would pay to have say Jimi Hendrix guitar strings. Unscrupulous sorts could have them for offer without any proof and folks would still buy them.

That is how strong the idea is.

Used panties forum

The concept applies to plethora of things and humans have this thing about collecting things and in the matter of the original question, used personal intimates. Were such claimed to be from someone of acclaim the interest level would quite increase. That is just human nature. I would care to believe all have had a learning curve experience here and heck, that is a part of what I also believe SHQ Forums to be about.

Please don't take this the wrong way mate but please stop the word reply's to what is a basically simple request. I actually quite like your educational info but the request here was "can I sell my knickers"? Please don't try and turn it into some kinda existential process that requires any more thought than "does someone want to buy my knickers"? This site is not about the history, theory or understanding of stockings on women through the ages.

If u have great pics of hot women in stockings then fucking post them. That's what everyone wants to see. What we don't need is someone telling us why we may or may not be attracted to women with legs that may or may not be clothed in what may or may not be stockings. To compare a used set of Jimi Hendrix' guitar strings to a random girls knickers is just fucking ludicrous and idiotic. Stop being so serious, sit back, relax and shut up. Thank you for your replies, it really was just a polite question, sorry if I offended anyone its really not worth falling out over.

Don't worry about it Annabel, some used panties forum here can get their knickers in a twist about anything But mostly we're completely harmless. If you don't want to read Dworkin's posts then you only have to ignore them but in doing so, will miss an educational treat - on all matters including stockings. Aside from the unnecessary profanity involved, I feel I might be missing something here.

Ha ha perhaps I should re word my question as a mature lady to First let me say you no need for apologies for as you've made note by being a member here for some time dust ups occur without rational reasons occasionally. Just comes with the territory when dealing with a large and diverse group. As to you last question, eBay is one option though used panties forum Matt suggests, discretion is advised and their policies are not always evenly applied regarding rules and regs. Without knowing exactly how used your items I am exercising my own discretion here and your overall intent you may consider investigating investing in your own website as the most of us are aware there are a plethora of them to secure all manner of Vintage hosiery and related attire.

I've no idea about costs and procedures. That should prove little obstacle as I've worked with more than a few gals who had their own "chat" sites and made at the least enough to make it worth their time. As stated, over the net no one is likely to know who they are really dealing with which allows imagination to hold sway.

Used panties forum

The days of mag are probably past- I've not looked at the current versions of men's girlie mags so I don't know much there. So my Mature Lass, let us know discretely of course how your ventures might fair should you choose to pursue. Katerina, I am genuinely sorry if you you were offended by my use of the word "fucking". It's not really something bad though is it? It's just a word. I haven't posted any pics because I am a 43 year old man that loves pics of girls in stockings. I don't wear them myself but I love women that do.

I would love to discuss the the rights and wrongs of this with you but anyone that loses the plot at the mention of a "swear" word is kinda ridiculous.

Used panties forum

This is not In fact anyone that uses unnecessary "profanity" to back up any point in should maybe go home and have a long think about how to get in touch with the used panties forum century. I'm sorry if you feel that I am being unduly touchy, but it is not "just a word". I doubt that it is a word you would use in discussion with your mother, or in a Church.

The meaning of the word is the sexual act, but you have used it as an adjective and an adverb to describe the act of posting on this site and your perception of another's stupidity. This shows that argument that it is simply a word is nonsense as you are used panties forum your "word" to describe something in a way that makes no sense. Your use of the word is either indicative of your inability to express an opinion without using words that most people would find distasteful or it indicates that you were trying to shock readers in the manner of an immature thirteen year old.

Neither casts you in a complementary light. Ha ha, you are great. No i wouldn't use the word in church or to my mother but I don't think my mother or Vicar is a member of this site. I am also pretty fucking sure your mother or church wouldn't be too impressed with your pics of you on your back in stockings, plastic underwear and a mask or with your ass hanging out.

But yeah, I suppose you're right, what does a single word say about someones ability to shock compared to a pics ability to paint a thousand words. And having viewed your photos, I don't think you or your photographer should lecture anyone on "complimentary lights". You have to feel sorry for poor little Greg as he doesn't have the intelligence or vocabulary to communicate without resorting to gutter language.

Used panties forum

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