Weed snapchat names

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Weed snapchat names

In the grand scheme of things, Snapchat caught on very slowly. What was known for years as an app that allowed friends and strangers to send pictures of their funny business back and forth without fear of exploitation or blackmail has morphed into a kind of cultural phenomenon that allows business, brands and individuals to communicate entirely in photo streams and video tidbits some more polished than others. The emerging medical and recreational marijuana industry has a huge turnout on Snapchat. A veritable smorgasbord of prominent smokers, social influencers, emerging brands and even local head shops all have their hands in the Snapchat cookie jar.

Here are 7 of our favorite Snapchat s for stoners. Kimberly first found a ton of success on Instagram, where she was able to amass a pretty sizable following. Her Snapchat is pretty much more of the same. Expect a lot of very attractive selfies, some situational story-telling about weed-related things and lots and lots and lots of weed.

What else could you ask for? Angela Mazzanti is a pretty weed snapchat names hitter in the recreational cannabis scene. Her Snapchat, however, is a sharp contrast. It offers a far more unpolished, behind-the-scenes kind of vibe, and connotes a feeling of familiarity not often experienced on other types of social media.

What the hell else are we supposed to say about Snoop and his Snapchat?

Weed snapchat names

You know what it is! The West Coast hip-hop legend smokes more than a high school mall rat, but also frequently shares intimate snippets of his life from the road.

Weed snapchat names

Charity events, hood shit, shows—we get to see them all from the eyes of Snoop usually with a blunt between his lips. The problem with celebrity social media is that so many have entire teams of agency-picked social media teams running their stuff.

Wiz runs his ownlives the life and smokes more weed than Davy Crockett. We really love it, and we bet you will, too. Weed snapchat names, for a large part, leaves his West Coast rapper behind on his Snapchat, and introduces people to Quincy Matthew Hanley, a beautiful father and humble human being. His Instagram of the same name garnered him a ton of attention for his incredible glass blowing talents, and his Snapchat is no different.

Expect everything from behind-the-scenes looks at his workshop and art form, to him showcasing the work of other noteworthy glassblowers which we think is great, by the way—spread the love! Press trips, parties, tradeshows and dank buds preside over thewhile subscribers can head on over to their Instagram for more polished, thematic posts. Lots of love for what our homies over there are up to! Get it, guys! Looking for more Instagram s to follow?

Weed snapchat names

Here are our picks of NBA playersmodels and hip-hop artists. We also covered the recent Snapchat vs Instagram stories revelation. What To Read Next.

Weed snapchat names Weed snapchat names

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